Danny Koker Jail: Arrested? Details about Lawsuit

Danny “The Count” Koker is a famous name among the people who are into car restoration tv shows. To jog your memory, he is the main cast of the show “Counting Cars”. There’s been news circulating about Danny Koker’s arrest and Jail sentence, but how much truth does the news hold? Here’s the truth.

Is Danny Koker in Jail? The legal issues of Danny Koker

There is always room for rumors of celebrities; if there could be rumors relating to a sensitive topic such as death, what else can we expect? However, Danny Koker surely had some legal issues, but he has never been sentenced to jail or got arrested.

Image of Danny Koker

A couple from Vegas, who brought their 1967 Ford Mustang to be modified in the hopes that it would appear on television, filed a lawsuit against Koker’s company in 2014, not long after “Counting Cars” debuted, according to Courthouse News.

The $50,000 complaint claimed that neither the couple’s car nor Koker’s company ever planned to finish the job by the deadline they promised.

The lawsuit claims that the couple requested a refund, but it was never granted after learning that no work had even started and that the vehicle was not even the kind they had in mind.

Koker’s legal issues persisted in 2017 when a $75,000 lawsuit was filed against a former employee of Count’s Kustom, who was suspected of taking bribes from Koker’s business, despite lawsuits and suspicions of produced sequences.

Despite all the legal issues, Danny Koker has not been arrested; hence his jail sentence is just a rumor and speculation.

His Wife’s death rumor

Many people aspire to be celebrities, but they never pause to consider what fame can bring. The various stories that will surround you and your family up until your passing are one of the downsides of celebrity. In regard to Danny Koker’s wife had many death rumors; following Korie’s vehicle accident a few years ago, numerous publications rushed to declare her dead.

This is untrue, much like numerous other statements. She survived; therefore, the accident wasn’t entirely lethal. All reports of Korie Koker’s cancer and demise are rumors. There were also rumors about the death of Danny Koker, but later on, it was the obituary of his father, not him.

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