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Danny Koker is a renowned reality star, musician, and corporate entrepreneur from the United States. He personalizes old autos and motorbikes, which are widely broadcasted by the History channel on their program “Counting Cars.” It is produced at his Las Vegas-based Count’s Kustoms business. This is Danny Koker’s Wikipedia including his net worth, house, and cars.

He grew up in a Christian household and is a preacher. He is also a self-taught technician who started playing music at Carnegie Hall when he was 11. Additionally, he is the lead singer of the Las Vegas-based band “Count’s 77.”

Danny Koker Wikipedia.

Born on January 5th, 1964, Danny Koker is the son of Daniel Nicholas Koker I and Mary. While the star is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, he also lived in Detroit, Michigan, USA for some time as a boy.

Koker is an autodidact mechanic who developed an interest in automobiles as a very young boy when his dad, a Ford Motor Company executive, purchased him a motorbike. Danny was just 8 then, but he taught himself how to disassemble and repair the bike.

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That slowly turned into a passion for him. Today, he is one of the best Car Restoration/ customization experts. He originally appeared as the Count Cool Rider on his father’s Channel 33‘s Saturday Fright at the Movies program in 1990, but he did not become renowned until his debut performance on History’s “Pawn Stars.”

Koker came on the History Channel program as a buddy upon auctioning Harrison a 1968 Mustang Fastback. He subsequently appeared in several shows, including Its Eagle, prior to launching the Counts 77 program and, eventually, the Count’s Kustom as a side project.

Count’s Kustoms originated as a place for Koker to operate on his own collection in addition to that of loved ones but rapidly expanded to give his distinct flare and creativity to the public. Now, it has grown to be one of the best auto change firms in America.

Koker is wedded to his gorgeous wife, Korie Fera since 2015, with whom he co-owns “Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Restaurant” in Las Vegas.

His wife supervises the regular affairs of the firm as its entertainment director, including managing staff to scheduling artists to play at the venue.

Danny Koker as Counting Cars Cast.

Danny rose to prominence after appearing as a vehicle specialist on the program “Pawn Stars.” Shortly after, History Channel aired the spin-off series “Counting Cars” on 13th August 2012, in which Danny illustrated automotive modification.

“Counting Cars” is a reality velocity car restoration show broadcasted by the History channel. The show basically focuses on Danny and his staff working quickly to fix, personalize, and sell automobiles to make their Las Vegas business profitable.

He quickly became a household brand, and the program has altogether 10 seasons up to now, which were a huge success.

Danny Koker’s Net Worth

Koker is a versatile person as he runs an array of profitable enterprises in Las Vegas. He is a famous auto mechanic who owns Count’s Kustoms, a vehicle modification shop broadcasted on his show on HistoryCounting Cars.”

Furthermore, the reality star owns many other business firms including Count’s Tattoo Firm and Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Restaurant. Danny is also the lead vocalist and founder of the rock band Count’s 77. Danny Koker’s net worth considering all these is expected to be $13 million as of 2023.


The musician and reality star’s home is a five-building complex shaped resembling an anthill at 89117 Shadowleaf Court in Las Vegas, Nevada built in 2001. And it is instead prohibited to photographers since it is critical to his corporate strategy.

It has a showroom and merchandising center, a restoration company called Count’s Kustoms, a filmmaking facility, and other ventures. Furthermore, the production staff of his TV series shoots the program based on this concept.

Car Collection

The car aficionado has 58 automobiles and over 78 motorbikes. He nevertheless rides a white 1966 Mustang GT featuring blue stripes that his father purchased for him when he was just nine years old kid. In the early 70s, the vehicle launched its infatuation with premium automobiles.

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He was on the verge of owning his ultimate vehicle, a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV, a few years ago. Anyhow, the car’s escalating worth, the star will not hurry to purchase it due to its scarcity.

Danny Koker’s music career.

Although Danny always exclusively linked his enthusiasm for all things mechanical to his dad, Daniel Koker Sr., his affinity for music may be traced to both his father and uncle. He admitted that his participation in music was greatly influenced by his dad, who was a talented singer, songwriter, and musician.

Having such an inspiring role figure at the head of his musical training, Koker was really an organic-born performer, playing in front of crowds on-stage at Carnegie Hall since the young age of 11. He is the founder and frontman of the band Count’s 77, which features Tommy Paris and John Zito.

Besides that, his passion for music is alleged to emerge from his time traveling the globe alongside his uncle Southern’s gospel band, the Rex Humbard Singers. Income from a music career also adds up to Danny Koker’s net worth.

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