David Grainger Net Worth, Age. Wife Janice Stone and Kids.

David Grainger is an inspiring automobile expert who has dedicated his life to preserving the beauty of vintage and classic vehicles. With almost 4 decades in the automobile world, David came to recognition mainly as the host of “Restoration Garage.” Meet David’s wife Janice Stone and their kids.

The reality show first premiered in 2013 on Velocity and Motor Trend Network, and its viewers now await its latest Season 9 in 2023. Besides automobiles, Mr. Grainger is also known for his avid interest and work in wildlife.

Now, if you are curious about learning more about David Grainger, remain with us until the end. Here you will find the details about David Grainger’s net worth.

How old is David Grainger Restoration Garage??

Born in Canada, Grainger is an accomplished vehicle restorator who is in his late 60s at present. Although there is limited information about his early life, his LinkedIn profile states that he spent four years in grade 9, indicating that he may not have pursued further education.

Nevertheless, he had a strong passion for both automobiles and writing and pursued both careers simultaneously.

As a wildlife and environmental advocate, David has contributed as a columnist for well-known media outlets such as The Globe and Mail, National Post, and Kitchener Waterloo Record. He also served at zoos and even established his sanctuary for injured birds.

Image of David Grainger

In the 1980s, he also stepped into the entertainment industry as a scriptwriter and producer. In terms of his career in the automobile industry, David has restored a diverse range of vehicles.

He is the founder of Guild Automotive Restorers, a vintage and classic car restoration company established in 1991. With decades of experience as a car restorer and a successful run in the entertainment industry, he is currently the host of the TV show “Restoration Garage.”

David Garinger Net Worth: House and Cars

According to reports, David Garinger has an estimated net worth of $15 million. His massive income results from his diverse career ventures as a man with multiple talents.

The primary income source for David is his lucrative career as a TV presenter in the entertainment industry. Likewise, his successful restoration company, the Guild of Automotive Restorers, has likely contributed significantly to his net worth.

Additionally, David is also the president of the David Carles Collection, a store specializing in men’s and women’s accessories, including watches and jewelry. This business venture provides a steady income for him.

Finally, his work as a columnist for various publications has likely added to his substantial net worth, making him a genuinely successful and well-rounded individual. Now, with his massive net worth, we assume he must live in a million-dollar house with a couple of modified vintage cars.

David Grainger Wife and Kids: Who is Janice Stone?

David Grainger is happily married to his spouse, Janice Stone. The precise information of how and when the couple met remains unknown, but it is believed that they tied the knot in 1993.

Like David, Janice is also a vintage car enthusiast, and together, the couple co-founded The Guild of Automotive Restorers in 1991 while they were still dating. Janice has been a constant support system for David and their business, overseeing the administration of the company and handling advertising and web design.

Image of David Grainger with his wife Janice Stone

Moreover, Janice’s LinkedIn profile suggests that she graduated from Seneca College with a degree in Computer Programming. Finally, Janice revealed that she considers their business to be both rewarding and fulfilling.

While little is known about David and Janice’s love life, the details of their children are also unavailable. But we assume that their kids are now grown up and are contained in their own lives.

Quick Facts

Name David Charles Grainge
Age Late 60s
Profession Car restorer, TV Star, Writer
Relationship Status Married
Wife Janice Stone
Net Worth $15 million


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