Drew Pritchard Wikipedia: Age, Biography

Drew Pritchard is a British television personality and antique trader. He is well-recognized for hosting the reality TV show Salvage Hunters on Quest TV in the UK.

Moreover, Drew is associated with buying and selling classic cars and motorbikes through his online site DP Classics.

In this article, we shall shed light on Drew Pritchard’s Wikipedia, including his age, early life, education, and career in 2022.

Drew Pritchard Wikipedia

Drew Pritchard was born to a Welsh family in Conwy, Wales, UK. He took birth as Andrew Thomas Pritchard on 24 June 1970.

Thus, as of September 2022, Drew’s age is 52 years. Drew went to a local school in his hometown Conwy for his early education.

Later at the age of 15, he joined the Youth Training Scheme to achieve training as a stained-glass window restorer and conservator. While there, he removed the stained glass from the church.

Drew’s father was also involved in this business since Drew was of young age. His father was mainly focused on writing signs for high-end vehicles, restoring vintage cars and motorbikes, and selling them.

Image of Drew Pritchard

Later, Drew opened his first shop gallery in 2017 in Conwy. He then moved his shop to Gloucestershire.

He received a good response from many national and international people who visited the shop there. Drew has also appeared in several episodes of the TV show Salvage Hunters (2011-2022) and Three Men Four Wheels (2020 documentary series).

Regarding his personal life, Drew was married to his Salvage Hunters co-star Rebecca Pritchard. Like Drew, she is also a renowned antique collector.

The pair separated in 2017 without revealing any solid reasons. From their marriage, Drew and Rebecca are parents to their only son, Tom.

Drew Pritchard Antiques

In 1987, Drew and his partner Clive Holland started the antique shop DP Classics. They bought old motorcycles and cars and sold them after restoring them to their finest shape.

Drew has a huge collection of antique wares at his house and shop. Drew possesses a Henry Moore Maquette (a scale model sculpture), which is considered one of the rarest items that cost him 80 euros from a charity shop.

Moreover, Drew always reused the old items to renovate his house. He has used a 1970s vintage mirror-top coffee table and original Chapel pews in the kitchen.

Moreover, he uses the original Chippendales dining chairs and the fiberglass coat of arms for his house. The coat of arms was made in 1953 for the Queen’s Coronation.

In addition, he uses the salvaged ornate toilet owned by Mick Jagger, a Rolling Stones frontman. As of 2022, Drew has permanently closed his antique shop in Conwy, Drew Pritchard Antique.

It was officially shut down on 11 May 2022 and will only be available online for the time being.

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