Is Helen Stanley Married to Husband? Biography and Facts.

Helen Stanley is a custom car designer and a TV personality. She has mainly earned TV recognition, especially among car enthusiasts, as the host and presenter of the British TV show Goblin Works Garage on the Discovery channel.

Moreover, in 2021, she also appeared as a motor expert in another car show titled Motor Pickers on the Discovery+ streaming platform.

This article is for everyone wondering about the personal life of this Discovery car girl. So, who is Helen Stanley? How old is Helen Stanley? And, is she married? Let us find out in the article below.

Helen Stanley as Goblin Works Garage Cast

Goblin Works Garage is a motor modifying reality series that first premiered on the Discovery channel in January 2018. The garage first came into existence after its founder Jimmy DeVille, a former British soldier, decided to revive the engineering company of the same name that was closed back in the 1980s.

Later, Jimmy DeVille joined hands with custom bikes designer Anthony Partridge and a custom car builder and designer, Helen Stanley, to begin a TV series titled Goblin Works Garage. As part of the cast of the show, Helen has appeared in all episodes of season 1 and season 2.

She has customized and modified several cars, including Mark 3 Ford Capri, 2A Land Rover, BMW E30, etc. Helen has also shared several pictures of her customized BMW e30 on her Instagram handle @helenstanleyofficial.

Moreover, Helen also made bold modifications to the show’s spin-off series Goblin Works Mod Shop in 2021.

Is Helen Stanley Married to her husband?

The Goblin Garage girl, Helen Stanley, is unmarried as of September 2022. However, her Instagram posts have affirmed her romance with her co-star and work partner, Anthony Partridge.

On 15 May 2020, Helen Instagrammed a picture with Anthony in which she talked about meeting him for the first time through her Instagram handle. Her post read, “I’ve met a lot of friends through this platform.

Image of Helen Stanley and Anthony Partridge

I do try and share my creative peeps with you, and @iammrpartridge is one of them.” Moreover, Helen also frequently uploads Anthony’s photos and calls him her ‘ride or die rock n rolla.’

On Anthony’s recent birthday, i.e., on 13 August 2022, she uploaded several pictures of him alongside a status that read, “Happy Birthday to my ride or die rock ‘n’ rolla. Thank you for being hilarious, unpredictable, silly, wonderful & all the things.”

Helen Stanley Wikipedia Biography

Helen has remained relatively secretive about her childhood and education. However, it is evident from her profession that she is a well-educated lady.

In her younger years, Helen was passionate about modeling. She pursued a career in it and spent almost a decade as a fashion model.

Following success in modeling, Helen decided to stir up her profession and shifted towards car designing and building. Helen joined Jimmy DeVille’s company Goblin Works, and began working as a car mechanic and designer.

Image of Helen Stanley

Eventually, the company became a base for a Discover TV show with Helen as one of the main cast and the show presenter. As of 2022, Helen’s estimated net worth is $1 million, which she has earned as a car designer and TV personality.


Helen Stanley is an American national born on 7 April 1982. Thus, as of September 2022, her age is 40 years.


Apart from fashion modeling, TV shows, and four-wheelers, Helen Stanely is also a fan of body ink. She has inked her body with several tattoos to date, which she regularly flaunts on her Instagram handle.

However, the most prominent tattoo she has is of a skull pirate ship covering her entire back. On 29 October 2017, Helen shared a beautiful picture of her pirate ship tattoo on Instagram.

However, it was still incomplete at the time, and she told her fans that some clouds and skulls were yet to be inked.

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