Jason Plato Net Worth. His Bio, Wife Sophie Plato, Kids.

Jason Plato is an eminent racing driver from Britain who gained recognition as the 2 times BTCC Champion. Likewise, he is also the host of Fifth Gear, a motoring TV Show.

The show aired on Motor Trend in 2002, and Jason joined the team as a presenter in 2004. Today, he continues to wow audiences with his expertise and passion for cars, sharing the screen with fellow racing drivers on the show.

Now, as Fifth Gear has just been back with its latest Season 2, the viewers are eager to learn about its talented hosts and their history. So, keep up with us as we uncover all the details, like the marriage and net worth of this highly knowledgeable and passionate car racer, Jason Plato.

Who is Jason Plato? Age and Bio

55 years old Jason Plato is a renowned British racer. He was born in Oxford on 14th October 1957, and was named Timothy Jason Plato by his parents.

In one of the interviews, Jason talked about how petrol had run in his veins from when he was 4. He credits his interest in high-speed cars to his father and grandfather, who both loved cars and would take him on adventures in their vehicles.

Jason even remembers sitting on his grandfather’s lap and steering the car. Likewise, his father, Tim Plato, was also into cars and owned a BMW dealership, allowing little Plato to witness incredible vehicles daily.

Image of Jason Plato

Mr. Plato says, “While other boys played soldiers with Action Man, I followed Formula 1. The roots of Plato’s racing career were planted when his father got a racing kart and got hooked on racing.

He continues to explain how daring he was when he drove his mother’s car as a young boy. Moreover, after graduating from King’s College, Plato began his racing journey in complete phase.

In 1989 he won British Championship in Junior TKM class for karting. Likewise, in 1996, he won the Renault Spider championship; finally, 1997 was his year. He was teamed up with William Renault’s BTCC team. Since then, he has raced for dozens of teams and has won most of them.

Nonetheless, he also got the chance to host the motoring TV show Fifth Gear in 2004 and has received fame as a TV star.

Is Jason Plato Married? His Wife and Kids

Yes, Mr. Plato is happily married to his beautiful wife, Sophie Plato. While Plato may be a household name in the world of motorsports, he has remained tight-lipped about his personal life.

The mystery of how and when these two lovebirds first crossed paths remains a secret, but we do know that they tied the knot in 2006. Today, Jason and Sophia’s love continues to blossom as they celebrate 16 years of the marital journey.

Image of Jason Plato with his wife Sophie Plato

Together, they have created a beautiful life as they raise their two precious daughters, Bev Plato and Moolaade Plato.

How Much is Jason Plato’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jason Plato’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. His successful career as a racing driver has been the primary source of his income.

He has won several tournaments and championships over the years, allowing him to earn substantial prize money and secure various sponsorships.

Aside from his success on the race track, Plato has also made a name for himself in the television industry. With more than twenty years of expertise in the industry, we can say that his work in the television world has been highly lucrative.

And finally, he earns a considerable amount as the brand ambassador of Tesco Momentum 99 Fuel, Jigsaw24, and AMX Home Automation Systems.

Quick Facts

Name Timothy Jason Plato
Age 55 years
Date of Birth 14th October 1967
Parents Tim Plato
Education Chillingham Road Primary School/ King’s School
Profession Racing Driver, TV Presenter
Relationship Status Married
Wife Sophie Plato
Children 2
Net Worth $10 million


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