Who is Marcos on Texas Metal?

Premiered on 7th November 2017, “Texas Metal” is an American reality show by Discovery, aired on the MotorTrend channel. The show highlights the Ekstensive Metal Works making amazing modifications out of any four-wheelers. In its 4th season, Marcos Chavez, the co-founder of Texas A&M Concrete Contractor, was featured.

Who is Marcos Chavez?

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Marcos Chavez is the co-founder of Texas A&M Concrete Contractor, a Houston-based contractor company, and a cast member of “Texas Metal”, an American reality TV show in its 4th season.

Chavez is a very private person, and no information about his background and personal life can be found in the media or his company website; however, as per the article on their website from 9th January 2014, he was in his 30s at that time. So, we assume that he is in his 40s as of 2023.

Chavez founded the “Texas Concrete Contractor” alongside his partner, Adrian Villarreal and in 2012. Chavez and Villarreal recognized a potential when their former boss cut down on business.

They started A&M in the middle of 2012 and hired David Buzzelli shortly after as the company’s vice president. While Chavez is in charge of the market, Villarreal monitors the workshop and procurement, and Buzzelli oversees the bids, project planning, and operations. By 2014, the team had expanded their startup into an $80 million company with 300 workers.

Marcos on Texas Metal

Image of Marcos Chaves on Texas Metal
Marcos Chaves on Texas Metal

The Ekstensive Metal Works comprise Bill Carlton and his Texas crewmembers. The crew consistently have it up to their eyes full with boisterous clients, tricky projects, and snug deadlines, apart from having scores of trophies on their walls, swarms of enthusiastic fans, and a massive queue.

The crew specializes in almost anything with wheels, including muscle cars to monster trucks, and finishes 25 to 30 projects on average monthly. Marcos Chavez is featured on the show’s premiere episode of the 4th season titled “Tale of Two Fords” which aired on 25th February 2021.

In the episode, he was a guest on the program and the possessor of the 1968 Ford Range, which he wanted to rebuild. With a completely new customized chassis, a handcrafted interior, a reconstructed bed, and a Coyote 5.0 engine conversion, the crew totally nailed the challenge. On a ‘75 Bronco, the lads also checked off brand-new personalized modifications.

Chavez’s Love Life

As mentioned earlier, Marcos on Texas Metal keeps himself out of the spotlight, no personal information is disclosed on media or the internet, and any data about his love life is far from reach. He also does not seem to be active on social media platforms.

Nevertheless, his private LinkedIn profile has a display photo of him with two girls who are assumed to be his daughters, so he is likely to be married. Then again, these are just speculations, and we still do not have concrete evidence confirming anything about Chavez’s relationship status.

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