Rust Bros Mike Hall Death Rumors: Here’s the Truth

Mike Hall, full name Michael Hall, is a renowned Canadian TV personality, vehicle restorer, and professional rock blaster. He is also known as a Rust Bros’ member and the owner of the vehicle restoration company, Rust Bros Restoration, in Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada. Moreover, Mike and his company and crew appear on History TV’s reality series, Rust Valley Restorers.

In 2017, several rumors of Mike Hall’s death surfaced online. Following the news, many of his fans showed their concerns and inquired about the matter. Thus, in this article, we clear out Rust Bros Mike Hall’s death rumors and shed light on the truth. So, let us begin.

Rust Bros Mike Hall Death Rumor

Image of Mike Hall with his co-Rust Bros actor
Mike Hall with his co-Rust Bros actor.

Mike’s death rumors first began to swirl the internet on 31 March 2017. That day, a renowned British cyclist named Mike Hall died after a car hit him from behind during an endurance competition.

Reportedly, the late cyclist was competing in Australia in a 3500 miles race. The competition began on 18 March 2017 in Western Australia and was expected to take 14 days to complete.

On the 13th day, i.e., on 31st March, late cyclist Mike Hall had completed over 3,000 miles and had reached the Monaro Highway. At around 6:00 am on 31 March, the late cyclist was hit from behind by a car leading to his instant death.

The postmortem report later revealed that he suffered numerous injuries throughout his body, including his head. Hence, the death of a renowned British cyclist led to rumors that Rust Bros Mike Hall was dead.

However, Rust Bros Mike Hall is still alive and restoring junk cars at the age of 64. In 2022, he appeared on season 4 of the History TV show Rust Valley Restorers.

Moreover, he frequently appears on social media via his Instagram handle @rustbrosrestos, where he updates his fans about his personal as well as his business.

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