How Old is Amanda Martin from Iron Resurrection? Net Worth, Wikipedia-Facts.

Amanda Martin is a famous reality TV star who came to the limelight as a cast of the hit show “Iron Resurrection.” The show first premiered on the Motor Trend Network in 2016 and just wrapped up Season 6 on December 2022. This article is about Amanda Martin’s age and net worth.

“Iron Resurrection” revolves around the restoration of vintage vehicles and features Amanda and her husband as the owner of Martin Bros Custom, a company specializing in vehicle restoration. Now, while we wait for the next season, let’s take a closer look at Amanda Martin, the only female cast member of the show.

This article will provide information about her personal and professional life, including her marriage and net worth.

Amanda Martin Wikipedia: Age, Parents, and Career

She grew up in Red Oak, Texas, and was raised by her parents, Zachariah J Keathley Jr (father) and Sandi Klapp Nafziger (mother).

She has three siblings named Wendi Blak, Sandra, and Zach Keathley. Her dad served in the U.S. Army and passed away in 2006.

Image of Amanda Martin with her family

Amanda completed her high school education at Red Oak High School and earned a finance degree. After graduation, she started her career in finance and banking.

According to her LinkedIn bio, Martin joined Well Frago, a finance company, in 2007 and served as its vice president and branch manager for 4 years. After that, she served Pioneer Bank for almost 6 years.

While she joined the bank as a branch manager, she was promoted to vice president and deposit operation and finally landed the product manager position in 2016. After serving in the banking sector for a couple of years, Amanda started a vehicle refurbishing and customization business, Martin Bros Customs, with her husband.

The business soon caught the eyes of show makers of “Iron Resurrection,” and in 2016, Amanda began her television career. Since then, she and her husband have been balancing their successful company with their fame in the television world.

How old is Amanda Martin from Iron Resurrection?

Born on 11th December 2022, Amanda Martin is 50 years old.

Her Height and Measurement

According to the source, Amanda stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73m). Despite her busy schedule, running a successful business, and being a television personality, Amanda values maintaining her physical fitness.

She makes time for regular workouts and maintains an alluring physique at the age of 49. Her weight is recorded as 65 kg, and she has a body measurement of 35-24-33, which gives her a perfectly fit body.

Amanda Martin Gained Fame from Iron Resurrection

Martin joined the reality show “Iron Resurrection” in 2016. Though she had previously worked in finance and banking, she left that industry to start a business in the automobile sector with her husband.

Image of Amanda Martin

Their vehicle customization and restoration company, Martin Bros Custom, caught the attention of the Motor Trend’s show, “Iron Resurrection,” which offered them an opportunity to feature their company and themselves on the show.

The show was a massive success in its first season, and Amanda and her husband quickly gained a large following of fans.

Today, Amanda is widely recognized as a reality TV star, thanks to her popularity on “Iron Resurrection.” The show has played a significant role in establishing her as a recognizable figure in the entertainment world.

Amanda Martin Husband and Love Life

The reality TV star has been married to her husband, Joe Martin, for a long time. Despite being married for so long, they keep their relationship under wraps, only occasionally giving glimpses of their love through social media posts.

However, they’ve never publicly acknowledged an anniversary or shared a love-filled message. But, according to Amanda’s mother, Sandi’s Facebook post, the couple got engaged in 2012.

On Amanda’s 29th birthday on 12th December, Joe got down on one knee and proposed to his future wife. Sandi said,

“My sweet Amanda had a birthday yesterday and a surprise proposal. The ring was beautiful! Looks like Amanda and Joe (Martin) will tie the knot soon. I couldn’t be happier for them both!”

The couple’s love story, though kept private, their bond and compatibility are vividly seen from their appearance on “Iron Resurrection.”

Does Amanda Not Have Kids?

No, Amanda and Joe do not have any biological kids. The reason for this is not specified, and it appears that they have no plans to have children.

However, they do have a close bond with their three nephews. In addition, they are parents to some furry pets, which they likely treat as their children.

Amanda Martin Dogs: Love for Pit Bulls

Martin is an absolute dog lover, especially pit bulls. Hence, she owns many dogs, including 3 pit bulls, Blu, Hazel, and Miss Betty. All of her dogs are either adopted or rescued because Amanda does not like the idea of buying them.

Additionally, she has a dedicated Instagram handle for her fur babies, @themartinmutts. As a dog lover, she has also made Martin Muts Gravy, a liquid food for dogs that is 100% natural. Not only does the TV star adores dogs, but she also advocates for their well-being and safety.

Image of Amanda Martin with her Dog

We can often see her making contributions to dog charities. She is mainly involved with So Cal Pit Bull Rescue, a non-profit, volunteer animal resume organization.

Nonetheless, if you follow Amanda Martin on Instagram, her feed is full of dog posts, where she is often seen raising funds for the dogs. Her most recent fundraising was her birthday, where she raised $455 for the fur babies.

“Iron Resurrection” Amanda Contributes to Children with Cancer

Mrs. Martin from “Iron Resurrection” also advocates for children with Cancer. Amanda Martin’s advocacy for children with Cancer originates from a personal experience.

One of her nephews, Luke, was diagnosed with Cancer and has been receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This hospital is known for its life-saving work in treating children with Cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

In honor of Luke’s 11th birthday, Amanda used her Instagram to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. By 22nd January 2023, she was able to raise $1000 in support of the hospital’s mission to provide state-of-the-art care and treatment to children with Cancer.

Amanda’s advocacy for children with Cancer, her efforts to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and her support of her nephew Luke are genuinely praiseworthy.

Net Worth

As per reports, Amanda Martin’s net worth is $300,000. The primary source of her income is accumulated from her successful television career.

However, her automobile restoration business has also significantly contributed to her massive earnings. Despite her financial success, Amanda chooses not to live luxuriously; instead, she is known for advocating and supporting various charitable organizations.

Name Amanda  Martin
Age 49 years old
Date of Birth 11th December 1973,
Parents Zachariah J Keathley Jr (father) and Sandi Klapp Nafziger (mother)
Profession Reality TV Star and Entrepreneur
Education Red Oak High School
Height in Feet 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Measurement 35-24-33
Relationship  Status Married
Husband Joe Martin
Net Worth $300,000

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