Edd China Net Worth, House & Cars. Merch & Income Sources.

Edd China is a renowned TV presenter who gained fame as a co-host of the series Wheelers Dealers. He is also an entrepreneur, inventor, and, interestingly, a Guinness World Record holder. As of 2023, Edd China’s net worth is $3 million. Detail about his merch and income sources are below.

In this article, let us find out more details about his life, along with his net worth, properties, and more.

Edd China Wikipedia

Ed China, full name Edward John China, was born on May 9, 1971, in London. From an early age, he was interested in automobiles.

Because of this, he used to work and experiment with automobile-related mechanical works. During his university study of Engineering Product Design, he created his first automobile work known as the ‘Casual Lofa’. He was able to generate money for ‘Raleigh International expedition through this project.

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This automobile, which was basically a driving sofa, was one of the works he holds the record in Guinness Book of World Records for. There are other multiple records set by him, from making the fastest furniture to the fastest toilet to the fastest mobile bed.

Over the 51 years, old Moto Lover and former Wheeler Dealers host have appeared in a number of television shows. Scrapheap Challenge and Top Gear are some of them, and he is famous for hosting Wheelers Dealers. Additionally, he is the founder of Cummfy Banana Limited and Grease Junkie.

Edd is married to Norwegian-born Imogen China, who closely works with him to run his businesses.

Edd China’s Career

Born and raised in London, Edd completed his education at King Edwards’ school in Surrey. After his high school, he pursued advanced study in Engineering Product Design to put his passion for automobiles into action.

The success of his first project, ‘Causal Lofa’, put Edd into the spotlight. Because of this success, he got his first job as a Special Effects Technician for the TV series ‘Father Ted’.

Father Ted was a TV series aired from 1995 to 1998. After this, Edd founded his company ‘Cummfy Banana Limited’ in the March of 1999 to trade unique and special creations.

Meanwhile, Edd’s relationship with TV continued, with him being featured on many TV shows. He appeared on the Channel 4 motoring reality show “Scrapehead Challenge” as a guest. Another show he was featured on was the television documentary This is Your Life.

In 2003, he was hired by Discovery channel, along with television presenter Mike Brewer in the program Wheelers Dealers. The automobile-related show, which started in 2003, aired on Discovery Channel.

This show became the most famous of the TV works to date of both Edd and Mike. They presented together for 13 consecutive seasons from 2003 to 2017. China departed from the show on March 21, 2017, due to an internal conflict with his co-host Mike and other members of the show.

In 2004, The British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) appointed him as the resident designer for the show “Panic Mechanics. He also appeared as a guest in the BBC reality show Ready Steady Cook’s Children In Need Special segment in 2005.

Soon after bidding farewell to Wheelers Dealers, he started his  Youtube series: “Edd China’s Garage.” Another company, Grease Junkie Limited, and Grease Junkie Merchandise have incorporated him in 2009. He became its Managing Director.

Net worth

Engineer, producer, entrepreneur, television presenter, and motor specialist by profession, Edd China has a net worth of $3 million. The major credit for his net worth accumulation is attributed to his work as co-host in the popular Discovery Channel series: Wheelers Dealers and the companies he founded.

After leaving the show Wheelers Dealers, Edd is working on his own youtube channel that has almost one million subscribers and 50 million views on his youtube channel @Eddchina.

Earning from the youtube video views adds to his wealth. Also, Edd sells merch like t-shirts, mugs, and hats on his online shop named Eddgear

With millions of fans across the world, we are certain Edd sells thousands of his merch online and offline, which adds to his net worth.


Having a net worth of $3 million, we can imagine what type of house Edd China lives in. Unfortunately, he has not yet displayed any information about where he lives.

We can only picture him and his wife living in a magnificent, luxurious, comfortable house or bungalow.

Car Collection

Internationally renowned as a favorite mechanic on the TV show Wheelers Dealers, Edd China has a wide range of car collections which includes the V8 Range Rover (L322), 1914 C8 Cadillac, and Edd China Toilet. Additionally, Casual Lofa built by him, which is also known as the Fastest Sofa Car is also in his possession.

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His other collections include World’s Fastest Office Car, The Motorized Bathroom, and the suite known as ‘Bathtub Car’. He also owns Motorised Shopping Trolley, also known as the largest shopping cart, and the Shed and Bed Car, also known as ‘Furniture’.

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