Heather Storm Today: What is Garage Squad Cast Doing now?

Heather Storm is an actor, writer, producer, and television host, born in the city of Pennsylvania, USA, on 24 May 1986. She is mostly famous for her work as a co-host on the television series Garage Squad.

Garage Squad is a show which restores the cars of people that are not in an operational state and brings them back to a condition where they can run smoothly on the road.

Heather Storm, who is known to be passionate about cars from an early age, co-hosted the show from 2015 for four consecutive seasons.

She left the show in 2019 when the producers announced the decision to let her go through a press notice.

Heather Storm, whose real name is Danielle Trotta, had changed her name during her career.

Heather Storm on Garage Squad

Image of Heather Storm as a Garage Squad cast member

Garage squad former host Heather Storm worked in the Garage Squad from the second season of the show, which was launched on August 11, 2015.

Grange Squad, which premiered for the first time in 2014, is a reality show in which the show’s mechanics restore or reconstruct the cars of general people and provide expert advice to them about automobiles.

It was a popular show among the motor-loving audience. Storm, who learned about automobiles from her father at the very early age of 11, joined the team of show as a co-host.

Her passion and experience with cars came in handy while working for the show. The audience of the show considered her to be very appealing on top of her excellent skills regarding automobile work.

She worked together with Joe Zolpher, who was the lead builder and the NHRA champion Burno Massel in the show.

What happened to Heather Storm on Garage Squad?

Former cast of garage squad, garage Heather Storm left the show after the fifth season in 2019. Discovery informed the departure of Storm by releasing a press notice.

Storm, who was beloved by the audience of the show, conveyed her dissatisfaction about the press notice through a statement on Facebook.

It is clear from the statement that letting Storm go was a decision solely made by the management team.

Storm expressed her desire to have remained longer through the statement and also expressed her wish to have been the one to inform Garage Squad’s fans about her leave.

The fans were mostly disappointed by this decision of the show’s management team. Cristy Lee, who had worked previously on similar motor-based shows, replaced her after her departure.

What is Heather Storm Doing now?

After her departure from the show in 2018, Heather Storm started her own YouTube channel named ‘Drive Yourself Local,’ in which she travels to different parts of the US in her 1965 Ford Mustang and explores the local culture of different places.

However, this channel has been remaining inactive for 3 years, and she currently creates videos for a channel named after her on YouTube.

Through this channel, she shares videos of her road trips and shows related to automobiles. She is also a writer/blogger who writes mostly about travel, lifestyle, and automobiles on her website www.heatherstorm.com.

Heather Storm also creates podcasts named ‘Man Seeks Adventure’ in conjunction with Brad Fanshaw, in which similar topics of travel, food, lifestyle, and automobiles are discussed.

Heather Storm has been keeping herself busy in the fields related to automobiles and currently doing work related to it.

Before joining in as a co-host of the show in 2015, Heather Storm had worked in many sectors of the entertainment industry, including movies, modeling, and also as fitness professional.

Apart from being a television celebrity, Heather Storm is also a businesswoman who co-founded the eco-friendly event company called Black Lab ventures.

Garage Squad’s new host

Image of the latest Garage Squad cast members
The latest Garage Squad cast members

After her departure from Garage Squad, Heather Storm was replaced by Cristy Lee, who later on left the show too in 2020, pointing out that she is in need of a break. Garage Squad aired the last episode of its 8th season on 21 October 2021.

The show currently consists of 6 members, namely- Joe Zolper, who works as the lead mechanic; Jeff King, Ron Gregurich, and Cy Kellog, who are the mechanics and Burno Massel and Bogi Lateiner, who co-host the show.

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