Is Jimmy de Ville Married to his Wife? Wikipedia Biography.

Jimmy de Ville is a former Army armorer. He’s the founder and presenter of shows like Globin Garage, Fifth Gear, and Engine addict. The TV star is an adventurous person and an extreme engineer. His TV reality shows quickly got the public’s attention.

Even though Ville is quite famous, fans haven’t been able to dig up his personal details. So, is Jimmy de Ville married to a wife? Let’s find out.

Jimmy de Ville Wikipedia Biography

Jimmy de Ville is a former British Army soldier, automotive engineer, and TV personality. Although his nationality is yet unclear, he was born in 1972, which makes his age 50 years as of 2022.

Right from his childhood, Jimmy had a keen interest in repairing vehicles. His enthusiasm primarily began when his toys kept breaking, and he wanted to repair them.

Eventually, Jimmy developed a love for engineering and pursued it in his college. He is a product design engineer with a BSc Hons degree.

Image of Jimmy De Ville
Jimmy De Ville

Moreover, while in college, Jimmy won the Trevor Baylis Award for his most innovative design ideas. He has basically been an automobile engineer his whole life.

In his early professional career, he worked for the multinational toy-making company Hasbro. For them, he designed and built micro machines and action toys.

Later, Jimmy received an offer to work on the TV show titled Urban Gothic on Channel 5. For the show, he built a search vehicle that could be controlled via radio.

Similarly, Jimmy has also worked on several music videos, museum exhibitions, advertisements, and stage shows. He is also an independent engineering consultant working as a 1st opinion engineer on different TV channels.

His ventures include Discovery channel’s show Breaking Magic, None of the Above 1&2 on National Geographic, Scraphead Challenge on Channel 4, etc.

Jimmy de Ville as Goblin Works Garage Cast

Not just the cast, Jimmy de Ville is the founder and creator of Goblin Works Garage. The project initially started as a motor workshop for redesigning and modifying cars and bikes.

His inspiration for the garage’s name was an old British engineering company named Goblin. Reportedly, the company was established in the 1940s and was later shut down in the 80s.

Then came Jimmy in the 2010s. He resurrected the company’s first name and started Goblin Works.

Image of Jimmy De Ville

Later, in 2018, Jimmy’s workshop became a part of his TV show Goblin Works Garage. In the series, he appears alongside his garage co-workers, Anthony Partridge and Helen Stanley, who are bikes designer and car designers, respectively.

Jimmy and his partners Anthony and Helen together work on all kinds of vehicles and give them bold modifications.

Is Jimmy de Ville married to a wife?

Despite being a longtime TV personality, Jimmy has remained relatively private about his relationships. He is yet to open up about his dating or marital status.

Thus, as of September 2022, we have no information about if Jimmy is married or not.

Net Worth

As of September 2022, Jimmy de Ville’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars. He has primarily earned his wealth through his TV shows such as Goblin Works Garage, Goblin Works Mod Shop, Fifth Gear, and many more.

Besides, he also owns a garage and works as an independent engineering consultant.

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