Is Mike Brewer still Married to Wife Michelle Brewer? Daughter Chloe.

Mike Brewer, the host of the famous TV show Wheelers Dealers, has been married to his wife, Michelle Brewer, since 1992. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Chloe Brewer who is the most important member, as her presence completes the family.

Mike Brewer is married to his wife, Michelle Brewer

Image of Mike Brewer with his wife, Michelle Brewer
Mike Brewer with his wife, Michelle Brewer

Wheeler Dealer cast Mike Brewer, a globally successful television presenter who has won multiple awards as a journalist, is also the owner of Mike Brewer Motors. He has been married to Michelle Brewer since 1992. Information about their wedding is unknown.

We can assume from her social media posts that she is a supportive wife as all her posts are driven to promote her husband’s business. It’s amazing to see how these couples have managed to keep their professional and personal life balanced as they couple have been married for three decades, proving that love doesn’t fade away with time. They both maintain a blissful life with each other and their daughter Chloe.

Who is Michelle Brewer?

Image of Mike and Michelle Brewer
Mike and Michelle Brewer

Michelle Brewer is a wife of a famous TV presenter, journalist, and car dealer Mike Brewer. She has been married to him for three decades.

Michelle was born on July 9th; the year in which she was born is unknown. After marrying Mike, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Chloe.

The year in which she was born is unknown, but every year, she celebrates her birthday on July 9th. Through her Instagram profile, we can assume that she shares a passion for classic cars, just like her husband.

She is the driving force behind Wheelers Dealers and plays a prominent role in its marketing.

Daughter Chloe Brewer

Chloe Brewer, the grandchild of Roger Wilks and daughter of Mike brewer and Michelle  Brewer, is a creative communicator and freelance photographer. She completed her undergraduate study with a major in Arts, Fashion Communication, and Promotion.

Since she is the only child of Mike Brewer, his love for Chloe is unconditional. Children bring happiness to the family; likewise, Chloe has completed the Brewer family.

She gets along with her parents, but she is especially close with her dad. She owns her own company, which is basically a social media agency named Chloe Does Creative. Mike shared a photo of her working with dedication for her company on his Instagram handle; this shows that he is a proud father.

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