Is Vicki Butler Henderson Married? Net Worth, Age, Biography

Vicky Butler Henderson is a car racer who gained recognition as the host of the motoring TV magazine series Fifth Gear, now Fifth Gear Recharged, since 2021. Before this role, she was a presenter on another similar show on BBC 2 called  Top Gear.

With her vast knowledge of all things cars and her passion for speed, car enthusiasts are already crazy about her. Season 2 of Fifth Gear Recharged has just started airing on January 23rd,2023, with 6 episodes already released and episode 7 set to air on February 16th.

While we wait for the remaining episodes of the latest season, let’s take some time to learn about the presenter, Vicki Butler. Here, we present you everything regarding Vicky’s background, with details on her husband and net worth. So, stay with us.

Age and Bio

Victoria Jemma Butler Henderson, also known as Vicky, is a 50-year-old car racer born in Hertfordshire, England, on February 16th, 1972. She comes from a family of car racers, including her grandfather, who raced for Frazer Nash, and her father, Guy Butler Henderson, who was a kart racer. Her brother Charlie is also a racer.

Vicky developed a love for speed and racing at a young age and began kart racing at 12 years old. After completing her education, she received a racing car license and a power boat racing license and became a racing instructor at Silverstone Circuit at 17 years old.

Image of Vicki Butler Henderson

In addition to her racing career, Vicky also pursued a career in journalism, graduating with a degree in journalism and working as an editorial assistant for Car Mechanics magazine and later as a staff writer for Max Power magazine. She also served as a road tester for car companies like Auto Express and What Car?

Her work in the automobile industry caught the attention of television producers, and in 1994, she was offered a role as a presenter on the automobile reality show, “Top Gear.” She was known for discussing the latest vehicles and their features and conducting performance tests.

Vicky’s successful tenure on Top Gear made her famous as one of the few female car racers and presenters in the industry. After 7 years on Top Gear, she became Fifth Gear’s presenter from 2002 until 2021, and Fifth Gear Recharged from 2021 to the present day.

Vicki Butler Henderson Husband: Is She Married?

Yes, Henderson has been blissfully married to her husband, Phil Churchward,  for over a decade. Like Vicky, Phil is also an automobile enthusiast who is the former director of Top Gear.

Similarly, according to the source, he is also known to have been the former producer of Fifth Gear. Currently, he is the director of another motoring TV show, “The Grand Tour.”

So, we assume Phil and Vicky met and fell in love while working together at Fifth Gear. After remaining as girlfriend and boyfriend for some time, they finally married on November 2007.

Hence, the couple has been weeded for 15 years and has shared their life with 2 adorable children, a daughter born in 2011 and a son born in 2015.

Vicky Butler Henderson’s Net Worth

Vicky Henderson’s net worth is reported to be $ 5 million. She has received substantial prize money and sponsorships throughout her racing career, but her primary source of income comes from her long tenure as a presenter on popular TV shows such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear Recharged.

Vicky has also worked as a voice-over artist in various video games and participated in radio programs like the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show. In addition, she has been featured in multiple advertisements and even narrated a National Geographic documentary titled “I Didn’t Know That.”

Hence, these endeavors have likely contributed to her substantial net worth.

Quick Facts

Name Victoria Jemma Butler-Henderson (Vicky)
Age 50
Date of Birth 16th February 1972
Parents Guy Butler Henderson and Valerie Taylor
Education St Francis’ College/Perse School for Girls
Profession TV Star and Racing driver
Relationship Status Married
Husband Phil Churchward
Children 2
Net Worth $ 5 million

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