‌Why did Carl Leave Salvage Hunters?

Carl, full named Carl Bouverie-Brine gained TV fame as the recurring cast of the British TV series Salvage Hunters. The series revolves around salvage hunter Drew Pritchard and his team at the “Drew Pritchard Antiques” shop, where they sell antique items collected from all around the country.

As a recurring cast of the show, Carl worked as an electrical engineer. His last appearance on the show was in 2016. After that, there has yet been no sign of him on Salvage Hunters. So, in this article, we deal with the reason why Carl left Salvage Hunter.

Who is Carl from Salvage Hunters?

Image of Carl Bouverie-Brine
Carl Bouverie-Brine is a known TV personality. He is known for casting in Salvage Hunters where he restores artifacts and antiques.

Carl Bouverie-Brine is a former Sapper of the British Armed Forces, professional engineer, and TV personality. He first rose to the limelight as Salvage Hunters cast on the British TV channel Quest.

Carl made his on-screen debut for Salvage Hunters in 2013 in a recurring role. After that, in 2016, he appeared in all ten episodes of season 8. His primary role in the series is of an electrical engineer working to rebuild and restore electronic-based antiques.

Carl’s Twitter profile suggests he is an electrical and mechanical engineer. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Loughborough University in Loughborough, England.

Then, in August 1988, Carl joined the Her Majesty Forces of the British Armed Forces as a sapper. He served his country for over one and a half decades before waiving off the service in March 2004.

Why did Carl Leave Salvage Hunters?

Carl remained a recurring cast of Salvage Hunters for around four years, i.e., from 2013 to 2016. After his last appearance on the finale episode of season 13, he permanently left the show.

His exit followed numerous queries about why he left the show. However, neither Carl nor the show has yet announced the reason leaving us to assume that Carl was not interested in appearing on further episodes of the show.

But again, after two years of his departure from Salvage Hunters, Carl returned as the cast of the spin-off series Salvage Hunters: The Restorers in 2018. He appeared in a total of four episodes.

What is Carl from Salvage Hunters Doing now?

After his last appearance in Salvage Hunters: The Restorers in 2018, Car Bouverie-Brine has stayed off the social media handles. He is inactive on Twitter and has made no public appearance. Thus, Carl’s current whereabouts are a mystery as of September 2022.

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