Here’s What Happened to Cato on Iron Resurrection. Recent Updates

Cato, the name of one of the key cast members of ‘Iron Resurrection’ was absent along with the casts Shorty, Manny, and Pompa, when the show released the cast list of its fourth season. This left the fans confused and wondering as to what happened.

What is the reason that Phil Cato disappeared from the show in the fourth season of Iron Resurrection? What has he been up to in recent days?

Who is Cato?

Image of Cato
Cato is a known actor and a TV personality. He is known to appear in a metal trend show called Iron Resurrection.

Cato, whose real name is Phil Cato is an automotive enthusiast and a mechanic popular from the television reality show ‘Iron Resurrection’ by Velocity Networks. He appeared in the show for three consecutive seasons and left it after 2018.

Phil, a former cast member on the program, was a mechanic in the show too, and he is well-known for restoring vintage autos and motorbikes in it.

Cato on Iron Resurrection

Image of Cato as a cast member of Iron Resurrection
Cato is a cast member of Iron Resurrection.

Iron Resurrection is a television reality show which has gained a lot of popularity among the motorhead audience. The reality television show premiered its first episode in 2016.

Joe Martin, a lead mechanic in the show, and his crew of skilled welders and fabricators restore beaten-down automobiles. Joe and his crew turn rusted vehicles into gorgeous works of art that are sure to grab attention.

With hard work and a lot of expertise, these antique autos are restored to their former glory by the team. Beginning with the premiere, Cato had been a part of the program for three seasons in a row.

In many of the episodes, Cato transforms old, rusted, beat-up cars into a piece of art that is now gorgeous, a glossy vehicle that appears to have just come off the manufacturing line.

Cato’s skills made him very popular among the audience, and he was also the favorite of many of them. Cato last appeared in the third season of Iron Resurrection aired in 2018, and has left the show.

What happened to Cato in Iron Resurrection?

After his disappearance from the show, there were many speculations as to why he disappeared. For one, It was believed that Cato just needed a break from the rigorous filming schedule.

Iron Resurrection was shot in harsh conditions, sometimes even in great heat and humidity. He may very well have simply wanted to get away from it and decided to withdraw from the program.

Another popular speculation was that Cato might simply have gotten bored of the repetitiveness in the show and might have decided to move on to other new possible ventures. However, the real reason why he left the popular show Iron resurrection was given officially by the show itself.

After many questions arose, Iron Resurrection addressed the issue through their Facebook page. Phil Cato also addressed the mass question himself by posting a video on his own website

In the video, he talks about the messages and comments he receives regarding the issue. He says he loves Texas and has enjoyed working with everybody there but he has to leave Texas because his wife has taken a job in Atlanta.

He further emphasizes that he wants to support his wife in her career and it’s an important step for his family. Thus, the real answer to why Cato left the reality show Iron Resurrection is that he had to move to Atlanta to support his wife for her career and was no longer able to shoot for the show in Texas.

Joe Martin and Amanda Martin continued appearing in the next seasons and continued entertaining the motor-loving audience with their mechanical skills.

What is Cato doing now?

Recently, Cato has mainly been running his business- Cato’s Custom Upholstery located in Georgia. Through his upholstery business, he builds custom hotrod interiors and also sells merchandising items through his website.

Phil had risen to popularity through the show and that popularity continues to grow even after it. CK Truck’s Magazine featured him in their May issue.

He now has almost forty thousand followers on his Instagram page with the username ‘catoscustomupholstery’ where he posts pictures of his amazing works.

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