Steal This House Cast Cristy Lee Wikipedia: Accident, Net Worth

Cristy Lee is an American-born actress and reality TV show host. She is well-known for her work on the television programs “All Girls Garage,” “Garage Squad,” and the recently released “Steal This House.”

Cristy Lee is popular mainly for being an expert in the automobile show sector, with which she is primarily linked. However, the HGTV reality series she is currently hosting, “Steal This House,” focuses on home restoration, which is also one of her passions.

Cristy Lee has also dealt with a variety of rumors in her life, including those about her net worth, her accident, and her death.

Cristy Lee Wikipedia

Image of Cristy Lee

Cristy Lee is 38 years old television show host and actress who was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, on July 1, 1984. She was born to Barry MacCoy, who owned his own auto garage and also was an instructor at American Motor Institute.

Her mother, Jean MacCoy, was a teacher by profession. Cristy Lee was deeply influenced by her father, Barry at a very early age.

Riding motorbikes with her father had a deep impression on her, which she later on developed as a keen interest.

Furthermore, she recalls being in the home garage with her father, where he used to spend time working on the restoration of his BMW 2002 while Cristy watched his work eagerly.

This made her very skilled with automobiles and also influenced her to pursue her career in the field of automobiles later on.

Cristy completed her college education in her home place at Daytona State College, after which she chose to move to Detroit- also known as the automotive capital.

Cristy Lee on All Girls Garage

She pursued her career from there, which spiked after she appeared as a host on only girl’s reality show ‘All Girls Garage’, which was aired in 2011 by the Velocity Network.

She used her skills in automobiles in the show to carry out very complex automotive restoration projects.

So far, Cristy has kept her love life secret from the public. She isn’t known to be married or to be dating someone till now.

Cristy Lee is now Hosting an HGTV show, Steal This House

Image of Cristy Lee as the HGTV Steal This House cast
Cristy Lee as the HGTV Steal This House cast

HGTV’s ‘Steal This House’ is a reality series based on home renovation. Cristy Lee’s clients in the series buy inexpensive houses, which Cristy transforms by developing renovation strategies.

Cristy also helps in the home searching process, helping her clients to find the perfect home that is affordable but can be converted into something they dream of.

The show is based in Detroit, Michigan, and it harnesses the hidden passion for home renovation that Cristy has, which is mostly associated with automotive. The show’s first episode premiered on July 9, 2022.

Cristy Lee is a former host of Garage Squad

Cristy Lee joined the popular TV reality series Garage Squad as a co-host in 2019. She replaced Heather Storm, who formerly worked as co-host in the series from season 2 to season 5.

In this television program, people’s non-operational cars are repaired and brought back to a state where they may safely operate on the road.

Cristy’s skill in automotives and experiences in the previous automotive shows made her beloved among the Garage Squad fans too.

However, she left the show shortly in 2020. She appeared in 20 episodes of the Motortrend series.

What happened to Cristy Lee from Garage Squad?

Cristy Lee left the show Garage Squad despite gaining popularity amongst its fans in 2020. It is speculated that she left the show because she needed a break.

She also had appendectomy surgery around the same time. Thus it is also speculated that she left the show because of it as she needed to prioritize her health.

Net worth

Cristy’s net worth is unknown for sure, but the supposition is to be more than 5 million. She was once rumored to have a net worth of $13 million, which she dismissed through an Instagram post.

She wrote in the post that she wished she was worth that but isn’t and also added that the rumor might be because of people confusing her with an actress of a similar name- Christie Lee Woods. Cristy also hasn’t revealed any information about her properties.

Her major sources of income are mostly through her shows and working as an ambassador for brands.

At the start of her career, she made money by working as an auto repair mechanic. She also earns by selling bikes and other automotive.

Cristy Lee Accident: Fact vs. Rumor

The rumor that the Steal This House host dismissed herself is about her net worth, which was rumored to be $13 million.

The fact is the automotive show star has kept information about her belongings and worth very private till now.

On top of that, Cristy Lee has many other rumors going on now and then too. Cristy Lee is also rumored to be 44 years old though the fact is that she is just 38.

Because of her highly secret life and confusion with the actress Christie Lee Woods, many rumors have been spreading. Cristy Lee was not born in 1977.

Also, a rumor of the accident and death of Cristy Lee spread out some time ago, which also is totally false.

The rumor might be because of a jet-car accident of a well-known figure Jessi Combs who was close to her.

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