What Happened to Gavin from Salvage Hunters?

The Quest reality series, Salvage Hunters, began airing on 14 November 2011. It features Drew Pritchard, a modern-day treasure/salvage hunter who travels through cities in the UK to find antiques and valuables.

As of now, i.e., September 2022, the show is currently in the midst of its 16th season airing on channels like Discovery, Discovery Plus, Curve Media, and Quest.

Gavin is one of the former casts of the TV series from 2011 to 2016. In this blog, we shall be dealing with Gavin’s personal and professional life. Further, we shall also look into what happened to Giving and why he left Salvage Hunters.

Gavin from Salvage hunters

Image of Gavin Salvage and Drew Pritchard as Salvage Hunters cast members
Gavin Salvage and Drew Pritchard as Salvage Hunters cast members

Gavin, full name Gavin Bartlett is a British restoration expert and TV personality. He has mainly earned television fame and media limelight as the cast of the reality TV show Salvage Hunters.

He joined Salvage Hunters right from the premiere episode in 2011. He appeared in a recurring role in several episodes of season 1, season 2, and season 3.

After that, in 2016, the show cast Gavin in all episodes of season 8, which is also his last appearance on Salvage Hunters. Then in 2018, Gavin returned to TV as the cast of Salvage Hunters’ spin-off series, Salvage Hunters: The Restorers.

From 2018 to 2019, he appeared as a restorer in a total of six episodes of season 1 and season 2 combined.

Regarding Gavin’s early life, education, and birth details, the web currently has no information.

What happened to Gavin from Salvage Hunters? Why did he leave?

Giving from Salvage Hunters did not disclose any reason for exiting the show in 2016. Moreover, he was only a recurring cast, so the production team also announced no explanation for his departure.

What is Gavin from Salvage Hunters Doing now?

As of September 2022, Gavin Bartlett’s whereabouts are hard to discover. His LinkedIn bio reflects his residence as Wales, United Kingdom.

Other than that, Gavin from Salvage Hunters seems to be a social media recluse, as he is nowhere to be found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thus, we are unable to provide details about what Gavin is up to in 2022.

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