‌Rust Valley Restorers Cast, Location, Cancelled or Renewed?

Rust Valley Restorers is a popular TV series that began airing on the History Channel in 2018. It is explicitly based on the vehicle restoration and remodelling company named Rust Bros restoration, located in Shuswap Lake, British Columbia.

The show is currently available on Netflix for interested viewers. So, what more do we have on Rust Valley Restorers?

How many seasons does it have? Is it renewed, or is it cancelled? Is there news about its renewal? Today, we will answer all these and also the filming location of the show and more questions about the show Rust Valley Restorers.

Rust Valley Restorers is a TV show that casts Rust Bros Members.

Image of ‌Rust Valley Restorers Casts
Rust Valley Restorers Casts

Rust Valley Restorers follows the Rust Bros members at Rust Bros Restoration, where the crew of misfits and car enthusiasts come together to restore old cars and make a profit.

They have restored old cars, like World War II-era 1941 Dodge Power Wagon, 1968 Plymouth Satellite, 1941 Ford Super Deluxe, 1966 Chevy II, 1926 Ford Model T, 1965 GMC Handi-Van, and many more.

The company’s owner and operator is Michael Hall, aka Mike Hall. Alongside him, his son Connor Hall, his best friend Avery Shoaf, and many other car enthusiasts work together. Collectively, all company members are known as Rust Bros.

Rust Valley Restorers Casts

Below, we have listed out names of all cast members of the series. One can also find brief information about each of the members.

i. Rust Valley Restorers cast Mike Hall

Image of Mike Hall

Mike is the owner of the company Rust Bros restoration, which he has set up on his property near the Trans-Canada Highway. He opened the shop to restore and sell old and unused junk cars. He is surprisingly very good at it, which we can also see in the show Rust Valley Restorers.

Mike was born in Stain Boniface, Manitoba. Later, he moved to Kamloops, British Colombia, because of his father’s job and settled there.

There, Mike got his first car when he was a teenager. After decades in the industry, he now owns over 400 cars which he has kept on his property of 5 acres near Trans-Canada Highway.

Back in 2016, Mike wanted to sell his collection. He also mentioned his interest in selling them during his TV appearance in Rust Valley Restorers.

However, Mike has failed to receive any reasonable offer, and thus his collection has remained unsold. But again, he still wants to sell his cars as he believes it is the right thing to do.

The business owner and TV star Mike Hall is a married man and father to his only son, Connor Hall, also a member of Rust Bros Restorations.

ii. Connor Hall

Image of Connor Hall

Connor Hall has mainly earned fame as the son of Mike Hall. Besides, he is one of the members of the Rust Bros and appears alongside his father at Rust Valley Restorers. Like his dad, Connor also loves cars and business.

Mike’s son, Connor, is disciplined and has an eye for business. His father sometimes goes overboard with the budget, and Connor serves as his financial advisor. Moreover, Connor is the main business mind for Rust Bros Restoration.

He is also a mechanic and works on remodelling and restoring vehicles. He has previously worked for Avery Shoaf’s car restoring business.

Rust Valley Restorers cast Connor remains very much active on social media. His Instagram handles @rustbrosconnor has over 111K followers as of September 2022.

The Rust Valley cast, Connor, is married to his wife, Jada Mazikeen. He married her in September 2021 and recently celebrated their first marriage anniversary. Moreover, Connor has also shared pictures from his anniversary celebration in Vancouver via his Instagram handle.

iii. Avery Shoaf

Image of Avery Shoaf

Avery Shoaf is the go-to mechanic of Mike Hall in Rust Valley Restorers. He has been friends with mike since 2004 and shares a common love for odd old cars. Besides being a car enthusiast, Avery is also a fisherman, and a person with a great sense of humour, as seen on TV.

In Rust Valley Restorers, Avery Shoaf is mainly known by his nickname, “muscle car Macgyver.” He has one of the best minds with extensive knowledge about engines.

Further, Rust Valley Restorers cast Avery also operates his online business, where he sells restoration and clothing merchandise. His online website is averyhoaf.com.

Avery keeps his fans updated about his life events via his Instagram. As of September 2022, Avery’s Instagram handle @averyshoaf4real has over 147 followers. In his last post dated 25 February 2022, Avery was seen promoting his show Rust Valley Restorers.

iv. James West

Image of James West

James West is the owner of the shop Dub Kustoms. He specializes in metalwork, fabrication, and welding. He had a brief appearance in Season 2 of Rust Valley Restorers. However, he later became a regular cast in season 3 of the show.

As of now, there is not much information about James West’s early life and professional career. However, as per the internet, James’ shop was once destroyed by fire, leaving him devastated.

He thought he would never recover from the loss, but James kept his hard work going, and after around a decade, he is a TV star and a successful businessman.

v. Cassidy Mceown


Cassidy Mceown is the auto-body apprentice at the Rust Bros Restoration. She is a young and aspiring car mechanic and restorer.

Cassidy first joined the Rust Bros Restoration shop in 2019 and became the cast of Rust Valley Restorers in its first season. She was only 19 years old when she joined the shop.

As of September 2022, Cassidy is 21 years as she was born on December 21 2000, in British Colombia. Regarding her education, she studied at A.L. Fortune Secondary School in Enderby, Canada. After high school, Cassidy joined Okanagan College and is still a student.

The young car expert features on Instagram as @cassidymceown2000. She frequently posts reels and photos related to Rust Valley Restorers and also about her personal life. As of writing this blog, i.e., on 9 September 2022, Cassidy’s Instagram followers stand at approximately 118k.

vi. Shafin Shoaf

Shafin Shoaf is the son of Avery Shoaf. Like Avery, he is also a car enthusiast and a mechanic and makes regular appearances in the Rust Valley Restorers show.

Shafin is on Instagram as @shafinshoaf9. There, he uploads steals from the show Rust Valley Restorers and also posts about his restoring works and working with heavy vehicles and equipment at his father’s shop. As of September 2022, Shafin’s Instagram fans count is 4,341.

vii. J.F. Launier

Image of J.F. Launier

J.F. Launier is the owner and founder of JF Kustoms. The shop has a regular cameo in the show Rust Valley Restorers.

Launier’s shop is not only involved in the restoration business but is also involved in motor racing sport. They mainly participate in the 4.83km track in Area27 located in Oliver, British Colombia.

JF Customs is located at 28 Empire St, Osoyoos, British Columbia. The shop has its website, www.jfkustoms.com, where we can learn more about the team and projects of JF Kustoms.

Rust Valley Restorers Location: Where is it filmed?

Image of Rust Valley Restorers show and its casts
Rust Valley Restorers show and its casts

The History channel’s reality series, Rust Valley Restorers, is filmed in South Shuswap Lake, Tappen, British Colombia. The show is primarily filmed in Mike Hall’s shop Rust Bros Restorations and its surrounding.

South Shuswap is known for having many junkyards filled with old cars, and thus the place is given the nickname Rust Valley. Besides that, it also includes communities of car enthusiast people, making it a perfect location for automotive reality TV series.

Rust Valley Restorers Cancelled or Renewed?

Beginning in 2018, Rust Valley Restorers has recently completed airing its fourth instalment. The original broadcaster for the series is History TV. In the USA, Rust Valley Restorers’ season 1, season 2, and season 3 are also available to watch on the streaming platform Netflix.

In June 2022, Rust Valley completed airing its 4th season. However, it is yet to feature on Netflix. Further, regarding the show’s cancellation or renewal, there is no official announcement from the show makers and creators.

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