Iron Resurrection Cars Sales: Models & Prices.

“Iron Resurrection” is an exciting television program that takes viewers into the world of custom car restoration. The show premiers on Motor Trend Network and has been showcasing the outstanding vehicle restoration and customization skills of the Martin Brothers (Joe and Jason) and their team at Martin’s Rod and Custom. Since 2016, “Iron Resurrection,” with … Read more

Texas Metal Cast, Location. Canceled?

Image of the cast members of the show Texas Metal

“Texas Metal” is one of Discovery’s highest-rated reality shows. The velocity program was first aired on Motor Trend TV on November 7, 2017. Since then, the program has been going strong year by year and has been broadcasting its newest 6th season since 18th January 2023. About the Show Texas Metal  “Texas Metal” is a … Read more

Iron Resurrection Location, Cast, Canceled or Renewed?

Image of Iron Resurrection as a famous car restoration TV show

The reality television program Iron Resurrection on Velocity Networks follows head mechanic Joe Martin and his crew of skilled welders and fabricators as they repair wrecked vehicles. Each episode of the program includes restored automobiles, ranging from vintage trucks to well-known models. The 7th season of Iron Resurrection will air in September 2023. About the … Read more