Full Custom Garage Location, Cast, Cancelled, or Renewed?

In April 2014, MAVTV began airing an automotive reality series titled Full Custom Garage. It featured the California native car builder and customizer, Ian Roussel, in a leading role working on his unique and bold customization projects.

So, what else do we know about the MAVTV series Full Custom Garage? Who are its casts? Is it still running, or has it been canceled? Let us explore the answers and know about its filming location in the paragraphs below.

Full Custom Garage

Image of Full Custom Garage
Full Custom Garage is a TV series featuring car building and customization

Full Custom Garage is a vehicle-customizing reality series on MAVTV. The show premiered on MAVTV on 1 April 2014 with Ian Roussel as its main cast.

Moreover, the entire show is based on only one person, i.e., Roussel’s work with cars/bikes/trucks to make it fully custom. In the series, Roussel uses his classical customizing techniques to build beautiful and sometimes bold custom cars.


He makes use of scraps, old car parts, and raw materials that he collects from his friends. The most shocking and interesting part is that Roussel does not use any blueprints to design and customize his vehicles.

Moreover, the whole idea of the series is to let people see what a talented car customizer with a brilliant idea can make using limited financial sources.

As of 2022, Full Custom Garage has completed airing a total of seven seasons. All seven seasons and their episodes are currently available to watch on mavtvplus.com.

Full Custom Garage Location: Where is it filmed?

The MAVTV series Full Custom Garage is primarily filmed in California, USA. Its main cast Ian Roussel is a native of California.

He grew up in his birthplace with a keen interest in cars and customizing them. Later, he started a garage where he built custom cars and performed custom fabrication on clients’ vehicles.

Ian Roussel also customizes his cars and bikes at his home garage in the Mojave Desert. So, apart from the show’s main set, Full Custom Garage is also filmed in Roussel’s house.

Full Custom Garage Casts

Although Ian Roussel is the only main cast of the show, it also features many others in supporting roles. Since 2018, Roussel’s dog has been in the show regularly, playing the part of a shop inspector.

Besides him, Victor Cacho, Tom Flores, Dominic Sylvester, Gene Winfield, Johnny Jalopy, and Bill Ferrell are the other remaining cast. Similarly, Full Custom Garage’s executive producers are Brooks Ferrell and Miles Ferrell.

The American production company, Transmitter Production owns the show. It has licensed Discovery’s streaming channel MAVTV as its official broadcaster.

Moreover, the international distributing rights of the show are acquired by the global distributor company, Banijay Rights.

Is Full Custom Garage Canceled or Renewed?

After season 7’s closure in February 2022, there is no news of its upcoming episodes. To date, the creators and the production team of the series have not made any announcement about whether Full Custom Garage will be renewed for a new season or not. Similarly, they have also not released any statement regarding the show’s cancellation.

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