Rust Bros Restorations Location, Members.

In December 2014, History Channel premiered the first episode of a Canadian TV series, Rust Valley Restorers. It features Michael Hall, aka Mike Hall. He is the owner of Rust Bros Restorations, where the skilled craftsmen of the shop restore, trade, and sell vintage cars along with his enthusiastic car friend.

So, what more do we know about the shop featured in the series Rust Valley Restorers? Is the series completed or still airing? Who are the members of Rust Bros Restorations, and where is it located? Let us know about these from the article below.

Rust Bros Restoration

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Rust Bros Restoration is an automotive restoration company founded by Mike Hall in 2018. The company’s main goal is to purchase rusted and junk cars and turn them into vintage vehicles by utilizing its skilled human resources.

Mike’s company, Rust Bros Restoration, also features on the History TV series Rust Valley Restorers. In the series, Rust bros and their crew of car enthusiast gearheads with colorful, charismatic, and exciting characters transform old junk cars collecting rust into collectable vintage automobile treasures.

The official Instagram handle of the company @rustbrosrestos has over 340k followers as of September 2022. The History Channel’s hit TV series Rust Valley Restorers follows the Rust Bros as they restore and sell vintage cars as classic car collections.

Rust Valley Restorers have already aired four seasons on the History TV channel. The show last aired on 14 April 2022.

Where is Rust Bros Located?

Rust Bros Restorations is located in South Shuswap, which is an area in Tappen, British Columbia. This settlement is also known as Rust Valley, as the place has huge junkyards of old cars. Moreover, it is also famous for its unique car community.

Mike built his restoration shop on his property near the Trans-Canada Highway, where he tried to sell his car collection in 2016.

Rust Cast Members


Image of Rust Bros Restoration Cast members
Rust Bros Restoration Cast members

The show “Rust Valley Restorers” follows Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Connor Hall. Together they are called the Rust Bros. The show also features Cassidy McEown, the auto body apprentice at the shop.

Mike hall is the owner of the company Rust Bros Restoration. He was born in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. Mike began collecting cars when he was a teen and later owned more than 400 cars on his property in Canada.

He also sold his collection of cars in 2021, sayings it was the right choice for him at that time in his life. Avery Shoaf is a friend of Mike who is also passionate about vintage cars and engines.

He has extensive engine knowledge and is his go-to mechanic of Mike. He is also known on TV as a muscle car MacGyver.

Similarly, Connor Charman Hall, the other Rust Bros Restoration member, is the son of Mike Hall. Connor shares the same passion as Mike and is a crucial member of Rust Bros.

Connor is less involved in the technical side but has an excellent eye for identifying business opportunities.

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