Graveyard Carz cast Mark Worman’s Wife, Net Worth

Mark Worman is a well-known American TV Star, Businessman, and Car Enthusiast, best known for his appearance in the reality TV show “Graveyard Carz,” which aired on Motor Trend TV, previously the Velocity channel. Read this to know about Mark Worman’s wife and net worth.

Mark also operates “Welby’s Vehicle Care,” a car repair shop in Springfield, Oregon, United States. His name is renowned in the field of the automobile industry. Born on August 21, 1962, in Eugene, Oregon, United States, Mark is married and has a daughter named Allysa Rose. Tara Worman is his younger sister.

Mark Worman is a famous Car Mechanic/Restorer

Image of Mark Worman

He grew up in the shadow of his mother, Ruby Worman because Mark lost his father because of cancer when he was just 12 years old. His upbringing was difficult, but his mother was always there for him. Mark Worman enrolled in a program at Lane Community College and earned his High School Diploma when he was 16 years old.

He secured jobs at garages, where he learned a lot about automobile repair and rebuilding. Since then, his passion for automobiles has grown. He also worked as a pump jockey boy and mechanic, and he was promoted to other positions as his knowledge and talents concerning vehicles developed. Then, in 1985, he opened his own shop, “Welby’s Car Care,” in Springfield, Oregon, USA.

In that garage, he began offering automobile care or repair services, as well as remodelling and other car-related services. In the beginning, he owned a three-bay shop. He received a positive reaction from that company simply because of his hard work and abilities. Then he began repairing dead motors and broken automobiles in the early 190s.

He gave antique automobiles new life by making them more powerful. His shop was becoming well-known, so he decided to go into business. He is also known as the “Mopar Guru” due to his excellent work with his team and his talents.

His first passion might be Mopar automobiles. But the gearhead’s adventure on four wheels did not begin here. The star exchanged his Scrambler for a 1968 Impala and that is exactly when he enjoyed restoring automobiles.

Mark Worman as Graveyard Carz Cast

Image of Mark Worman and the rest of the Graveyard Cartz casts
Mark Worman and the rest of the Graveyard Cartz casts

On July 5, 1980, a pickup truck was crushed after the driver lost control of it while racing at 100 mph. So Mark bought the automobile and agreed with the collector to refurbish and re-use it.

The pickup truck was then restored by Mark and his team, proving that he could fix broken autos. After witnessing the collaboration, Mark and Aaron Smith decided to record the entire process and turn it into a TV reality program.

Since then, the reality show “Graveyard Carz” is owned and operated by Mark Worman. The goal of this show is to teach people that they can turn old damaged vehicles and dead Mopar muscle cars into new ones that are also better than new ones, as well as to entertain them.

They’ve rebuilt various muscle vehicles as well as Mopars. The Division, a film and television production firm, is behind this reality program.

Who is the wife of Mark Worman?

Mark Worman’s work is all public, and all people highly admire them. There is nothing he would like to hide about the automobile industry.

Despite that, he has not revealed much about his wife, but it is assumed that he is a married man and has got a beautiful daughter Allysa Rose. So, his works are quite public, but his love life is absolutely personal now.

His Daughter Allysa Worman is following in his footsteps.

Image of Mark Worman's daughter, Allysa Worman
Mark Worman’s daughter, Allysa Worman

Mark Worman has a daughter named Allysa Rose, who is also the only female lead in the reality show. Although she is a trained dancer, she gained her interest in the automobile industry by looking at her father working in the garage from an early age.

Allysa dreamed of being an actress, and fortunately, she was able to fulfil her dream by starring in Graveyard Carz.

Net worth

Over time, Mark Worman gained popularity because of his reality show as well as his candour about the automobile industry. He also has hundreds of clients who have given him contracts to rebuild many models.

Additionally, being the CEO of the production business, Mark Worman’s net worth is $5 million.

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