Is Alyssa Rose from Graveyard Carz Still Married? Biography

Allysa Rose, the star of Graveyard Carz, has always been the centre of attention amongst the fans of the show. Here’s all you need to know about her love life, career, and journey. Read this to know if Alyssa Rose is still married or dating a new boyfriend after the divorce.

Who is Alyssa Rose?

Allysa Rose is a reality television personality from the United States.  She was born on 16 May 1991. She is well-known for her appearance on the Mototrend automotive reality show ‘Graveyard Carz.’

Mark Worman developed and owned the famous reality show Graveyard Carz. Allysa Rose is Mark’s daughter and the show’s lone female cast member.

Allysa was into dancing from an early age. In fact, she is trained in various dance forms like ballet, tap dancing, jazz, and ballroom.

Image of Mark Worman's daughter, Allysa Worman
Mark Worman’s daughter, Allysa Worman

Although a trained dancer, she developed her interest in the automobile industry when she helped her parents in the garage.

Allysa grew up wanting to become an actor, but by high school, she had nearly forgotten about it and was more concerned with her schoolwork and spending time with her classmates.


After high school, the auto specialist did not want to attend college. Instead, she aspired to be an actor and earned the role of an engineer in her father’s reality program during the first season premiere in 2012. She also works as the lead researcher at ‘Welby’s Car Care’.

She is in charge of locating and transporting Mopar Muscle vehicles from the 1960s and early 1970s for restoration. Additionally, she doesn’t hesitate even to paint and repair the cars.

Despite the difficulties, Allysa Graveyard Carz’s career as a television personality has been consistent. She had two breaks from the show. Rose later worked as a sports reporter for CBS Sports Radio and founded the Likeable Media firm.

Alyssa Rose was previously married to Josh Rose

Image of Alyssa rose's former partner, Jose rose

Josh Rose was Alyssa’s co-star in the same series. Before joining Graveyard Carz, Josh was an Australian professional footballer and worked in the automotive sector. He assisted with the repair of the Mopar automobiles in the series.

Allysa met while filming the series and announced their togetherness. They dated for three years before getting married. However, Allysa Rose’s spouse did not appear in the fifth season since she took an extended vacation from the program to deal with personal matters.

This created the opportunity for rumours to circulate that he was not in the program due to poor payment. However, these rumours were not proven.

Later, it was revealed that the couple had already split up by this point, and the program kept the specifics hidden. Allysa gave birth to her first child Emma Rose with him.

Alyssa Rose is Not Married Now; she is dating a new boyfriend

Image of Alyssa Rose with her husband, Anthony Johnson, and their kids
Alyssa Rose with her husband, Anthony Johnson, and their kids

Following the separation from her marriage, she began dating Anthony Johnson, a lightweight contender in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Unfortunately, this relationship was considered just a fling and didn’t last a long time.

Allysa then met Chris Wanke, the retail manager at T-Mobile. The couple dated for eight years before getting married on June 18, 2021. Following her baptism, the wedding was held in Maui, Hawaii.

During their relationship, the couple has had three children. Brooklyn Wanke, their first child, was born in January 2015. Their second child, Capri Wanke, was born in February 2021, and on October 11, 2022, the couple welcomed their third child, Giannis Wanke.


The star of Graveyard Carz is reportedly known to be in many accidents. She shared on her Twitter on Aug 31st, 2016, to have been in an accident.

She said that though she usually takes the subway for travelling, she got behind the wheel that day as she was running late. A truck on 25th street slammed the car she was driving.

Though not much info about it was made public, she didn’t seem to have any serious injuries as she had remained normally active on social media. According to the star herself, this accident was her 34th one.

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