Texas Metal Cast, Location. Canceled?

Texas Metal” is one of Discovery’s highest-rated reality shows. The velocity program was first aired on Motor Trend TV on November 7, 2017. Since then, the program has been going strong year by year and has been broadcasting its newest 6th season since 18th January 2023.

About the Show Texas Metal

Image of the Metal and motor show, Texas Metal

 “Texas Metal” is a popular American velocity show by Motor Trend TV. It first premiered on November 7th, 2017. The show has five successfully completed seasons and an ongoing season at present.

It is all about “Ekstensive Metal Works” doing their magic on any four-wheeled motor ranging from muscle cars to monster trucks.

Established in 1994, Ekstensive Metal Work is a Houston-based custom automotive shop owned by the mastermind, Bill Carlton.

Everything is larger at Ekstensive Metal Works in the heartland of Texas, where entrepreneur Bill Carlton and his brilliant crew design and create crazy, amazing automobiles and trucks.

The crew of professional designers and technicians excel in distinctive customized projects and challenging the boundaries of truck and car designs.

The award-winning crew thrives on difficult makeovers and short deadlines, completing an average of 25 to 30 projects monthly.


Bill Carlton’s automotive design and fabrication shop are based in Houston, Texas. The reality show basically portrays the day-to-day activities and challenges accomplished by the “Ekstensive Metal Works” team.

Texas Metal Cast

  • Texas Metal Cast Bill Carlton

Image of Texas Metal's Bill Carlton
Texas Metal’s Bill Carlton

Bill Carlton is a well-known entrepreneur and velocity TV show star recognized for his role in the series Texas Metal since 2017, which airs on Discovery’s Motor Trend TV channel.

He is a third-generation welder who creates amazing vehicles out of anything from rusting junk to high-end automobiles. He is wedded to his wife, Jennifer Carlton, with whom he has three kids Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton.

Texas Metal cast Carlton is additionally the founder and proprietor of “Ekstensive Metal Works,” a fabricating and bespoke automotive design firm formed in 1994.

It is a Houston-based firm that builds and amplifies vehicles. The crew transforms old automobiles for customers into new styles having updated designs and performance and are broadcasted on Texas Metal.

  • Tim Donelson

Image of Tim Donelson as a cast member of Texas Metal
Tim Donelson as a cast member of Texas Metal

Tim Donelson is the shop supervisor of Houston’s Extensive Metal Works and a crew member of the Motor Trend network’s “Texas Metal” TV program. Born in Alvin, Texas, Tim currently lives in Friendswood, Texas.

He came to become a TV celebrity after appearing in the program since the first season and is still starring in the ongoing 6th season. Two important things in his life involve assisting animals to have a wonderful day and designing customized cars and trucks.

Donelson makes it obvious that his greatest companion is his adorable dog, which can be seen in pictures he posted on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

  • Texas Metal cast Jamie Dwayne Marshall

Jamie Dwayne Marshall is a TV personality who came to fame after his appearance on Discovery’s velocity Show “Texas Metal” in 2017. He operates at Ekstensive Metal Works as a welder-fabricator.

According to his Facebook profile, which apparently is not used since 2016, he also worked as a Bodyman/Painter, and welder fabricator at Auto Body Solutions. Marshall was wished on his birthday on 12th November by his girlfriend since 2013, Tamara Kasper, on her Instagram.

  • John Villarreal-Vega

Image of Texas Metal's John Villarreal-Vega with his son
Texas Metal’s John Villarreal-Vega with his son

John is another dog lover from the Ekstensive Metal Works or Texas Metal team. John Villarreal-Vega is a metal fabricator on the crew who has been on the TV show since 2017.

He went to Houston Community College to learn custom paint and metalworking.

Texas metal cast John Villarreal-Vega is a Head Tech at Shorty’s Hydraulics, his family business, in addition to working at Ekstensive Metal and appearing on the program Texas Metal. Apart from that, he also owns a custom machining and fabrication shop, “Timmy John’s Machining and Fabrication”. He is also a lowrider hop and dance championship winner, as per his Facebook page. Villarreal-Vega is wedded to his wife, Maria, and has two sons together.

  • John Burgess

Image of John Burgess of Texas Metal

Hailing from the north coast of Houston, Texas, John Burgees is a velocity TV star who made his debut through “Texas Metal ” in 2020. He started off on the show in the 3rd season and has been a regular crew member ever since.

He has established himself as a pioneer in the customized upholstery profession and possesses over 3 decades of expertise in the custom car business and now exhibits his skills as Texas Metal’s major bespoke interior persona.

John takes great delight in continuously surpassing his customers’ expectations. The two things he loves are customized automobiles and Tacos.

  • Texas Metal cast Jessie Flores

Jessie Flores is an employee at the Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston. She made a screen appearance on Discovery’s reality show “Texas Metal” alongside other Ekstensive Metal crewmembers on 11th February 2020 in the 4th episode of season 3 titled “Re-Dually”.

Flores serves as a welder-fabricator on the show. However, she keeps her private life off the spotlight, and not much about her is available to the public.

  • Heath Moor

Image of Texas Metal's Heath Moor

Born in Manvel, Texas, and a resident of Houston. He went to Alvin High School and Alvin Community College to pursue his studies. He owns Heath Moore Interiors and also appears on the program Texas Metal. Moore is happily wedded to Rebecca Moore, with whom he has a daughter, Kyra Moore.

Texas metal cast Heath Moore is an accomplished speciality car fabricator. For over three decades, he has been a pioneer in automobile interior design and sound.

Additionally, he is also famous for his appearance on the first and second seasons of Discovery’s popular velocity series “Texas Metal” broadcasted by Motor Trend TV. In 2021, he suffered from COVID 19, and that might be the reason he took hiatus from the show, and later he quit.

  • Presley Carlton

Image of Presley Carlton

Presley Carlton is the daughter of the famous velocity TV personality and mastermind from “Texas Metal”, Bill Carlton, and his wife, Jennifer Carlton. He has two siblings Keegan Carlton and Corbin Carlton.

Presley appeared on the 4th season of Discovery’s reality show alongside his dad, Bill, in 2021 as an additional cast member.

  • Texas Metal Cast Valerie Nicole Riojas

The Ekstensive Metal Works has only employed one female and that is Valerie Nicole Riojas. Valarie is a Reality TV personality recognized for her role on Discovery’s reality automotive show, “Texas Metal.”

Since the very first season of the show, she has been working as the sales representative of the custom car fabrication and design shop, and it goes without saying that she enjoys her profession.

Is Texas Metal cancelled?

No, Texas Metal is not cancelled. In fact, the Motor Trend network’s highest-rated program already has more metal marvels from Houston’s immensely creative and innovative crew at Ekstensive Metal Works.

Its latest season, S6, has been aired on Motor Trend TV since 17th January 2023. And since the show is successfully broadcasted every year since its debut, it is likely to air its 7th season next year as well.

The best-rated Discovery automotive program is currently accessible to stream and watches on Motor Trend+, Roku Channel, Stream Car Shows, Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Philo, Vudu, or Apple TV.

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