What is John Tee Doing now after Leaving Salvage Hunters?

Salvage Hunters is a reality series on the British TV Network Quest. It primarily features the British antique collector and salvage dealer Drew Pritchard in the leading role.

He moves throughout the country to find antiques to sell in his shop, Drew Pritchard Antiques in Conwy. In most of his travels, he is accompanied by his longtime friend and partner, John Tee.

In this article, we shall be dealing with the details of John Tee’s time on Salvage Hunters and why he left the show. So, let us begin.

John Tee on Salvage Hunters


Image of John Tee

John Tee joined the cast of Quest’s Salvage Hunters in season 8 in 2016. He traveled alongside his friend and show’s mainstay Drew Pritchard to different locations around the UK in search of valuable antiques.

Salvage Hunters viewers loved the on-screen chemistry of Drew and John. They together sealed some of the best deals of the show’s history.

While Drew did all the price haggling and deal, John loaded the antiques into their van and drove back to their base, i.e., Drew’s antique shop in Conwy. John Tee appeared in a total of 10 episodes of season 8 as a driver and best friend of Drew Pritchard.

However, it was not his first appearance on the show as he had previously appeared on one each episode of season 3 and season 4 in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Why did John Tee Leave Salvage Hunters?

The season John Tee appeared on Salvage Hunters alongside Drew Pritchard is acclaimed as one of the most popular seasons of the show. People love to see the two best friends bantering and closing the best on-screen antique deals.

However, after the finale episode of season 8 on 30 March 2016, John did not come back for further seasons. To date, neither John nor the show’s production team has yet revealed why he left the show.

However, as per our research, he was not the mainstay but was only cast as a guest. So, John Tee left the show after the season 8 closure.

With that said, he again made a single episode appearance in the 15th episode of season 14 in 2020. In the episode, he and Drew together visit the railwayana stocklist in Gloucestershire and purchase a vintage card table.

What is John Tee Doing now?

As of 2023, John Tee is completely off the web and social media, denying all information about his current whereabouts to the public. Thus, no authentic websites or media sources have yet reported what John Tee is doing now or where he is residing.

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