Mike Brewer Net Worth. House & Cars.

Mike Brewer, a well-known face of Wheelers Dealers, is a globally successful television presenter for over 30 years. He has won multiple awards as a journalist. Additionally, he is also a journal producer, motoring enthusiast, media personality, and campaigner. He was born on 28 August 1984 in Lambeth, London. Read this to know his net worth.

Mike Brewer, as a Mechanic

Image of Mike Brewer as a cast member of Wheeler dealers
Mike Brewer as a cast member of Wheeler dealers

Husband to Doreen Fitzgerald and father to Brewer, Roger Wilks, was the owner of a Ford Popular known as “Mr. Popstar”. Roger was involved in the customization of vehicles which influenced Mike to develop a passion for motoring.

That’s how Mike started pursuing his career in car dealing. Brewer owns a company named “Mike Brewer Motors” which is a car dealing company.

He is not actually a mechanic by profession. His career took off as a TV presenter from the show Wheelers Dealers. In the show, he was a host and with him was co-hosting Edd China, who was the beloved mechanic of Wheelers Dealers.

Brewer was never a mechanic; he was hosting the show and is well known for being a TV presenter, car dealer, and journalist.

Mike Brewer as a cast of Wheeler dealers

Image of Mike Brewer as a cast member of Wheeler dealers

On the production of Attaboy TV, Discovery Channel brought a new show about cars, “Wheelers Dealers,”  which decided to make a team of car enthusiasts. With their objective, they approached motorist enthusiast Mike Brewer in 2003 along with mechanical genius Edd China as a host in their show.

The show became a smash hit upon its launch. Along with the show’s success, Brewer’s career as a TV presenter took off. In 2013, the show created a spin-off called Wheelers Dealers-Trading Up.

Brewer travelled around the world buying and selling cars to reach the goal of owning a supercar. In each episode of the show, Mike buys a vehicle, turns it to the mechanic for repair, and sells it. The show is running in its 17th season, with Mike still hosting it.

Net worth

From being a successful TV presenter to opening his own company named Mike Brewer Motors, Mike Brewer has a net worth of $2 million dollars and an annual salary of $250,000. The major source of his income has been his TV career and car dealership. In 2022, his company was nominated for Autotrader Dealership of the Year.

Brewer has hosted various car-related shows. He began hosting a TV show in 1997 through “Deals on Wheels” and then in 1998 hosted “Driven” on Channel 4.


Image of Mike and Michelle Brewer's house
Mike and Michelle Brewer’s house

One can only imagine what kind of house Brewer lives in by having a net worth of $2 million dollars and a company named “Mike Brewer Motor” worth millions. We would normally imagine that he lives in a mansion.

Even though there is no public information about his house, we can say it with confidence that he has earned a decent amount of money to live in a luxurious, comfortable mansion.

Car Collection

Brewer started his professional career as a car dealer, and later he shifted from car trading to TV presenter But his roots belong to car trading and haven’t forgotten about it. To give continuity to his roots, he has his own personal car collection.

It includes a 1972 Citron SM 2.7, 1967 Mini Cooper 1275 S, 1961 Austin Seven Mini, 1964 Mini Cooper S, 1966 Ford Cortina Lotus Mk1, 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1, 1959 MGA, Porsche 924, Porsche 911, 2002 Ferrari 360, 1989 Ford Sierra RS The car collection is huge and ever-growing.

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