Iron Resurrection Location, Cast, Canceled or Renewed?

The reality television program Iron Resurrection on Velocity Networks follows head mechanic Joe Martin and his crew of skilled welders and fabricators as they repair wrecked vehicles. Each episode of the program includes restored automobiles, ranging from vintage trucks to well-known models.

The 7th season of Iron Resurrection will air in September 2023.

About the Show Iron Resurrection

Image of Iron Resurrection show and its cast members
Iron Resurrection show and its cast members

The television reality program ‘Iron Resurrection’ by Velocity Networks is a very well-liked television show among the motor-loving audience. The first episode of the reality television program debuted in 2016.

The show’s lead mechanic Joe Martin and his team of expert welders and fabricators fix damaged cars. Joe Martin is also one of the producers of the show, and along with him, his wife Amanda Martin too features in the show.

Joe’s team in the first season included  Phil Cato, Javier ‘Shorty’ Ponce, Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington, and others. This team, with the vision of Joe Martin, transforms rusted cars into stunning pieces of art.

The television show features various restored vehicles in each episode, ranging from antique trucks to iconic cars. The latest season of the show, season 5 of the series, was released in 2021.

Iron Resurrection Location: Where is it filmed?

Iron Resurrection is filmed mainly in Martin Brothers Customs, owned by Joe Martin and his brother Jason Martin, which is located in Cedar Creek, Texas.

Iron Resurrection cast 2023

  1. Joe Martin
  2. Jason Matin
  3. Amanda Matin
  4. Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington
  5. Michael Zabonik

Iron Resurrection Cast Who left the show

i. Pompa

Image of Pompa, a former Iron Resurrection star

Pompa appeared in the Iron Resurrection for three seasons. He started from the very beginning, the first season of the show, which aired in 2016.

Pompa was the one in the team who worked with steel and aluminum to transform Joe’s designs into finished products.

With his keen wit and sense of humor, he was also the one who kept the team in balance.

However, he and several other cast members left after the third season, which was released in 2018. The reason why Pompa left the show is not clear.

Though the producers of Iron Resurrection later released a statement through Facebook explaining the departure of other members, the reason why Pompa left was neither explained by the producers nor by the star himself.

It is also not clear whether he will return back or not in future seasons of the series.

ii. Cato

Image of Cato or Phil Cato of Iron Resurrection

Cato, full name Phil Cato, had been a part of the program for three seasons in a row.

In several of the episodes, Cato turns old, rusty, beat-up automobiles into works of art that are now stunning, shining cars that seem to have just left the assembly line.

Cato was a favorite of many people in the audience because of his talents, which made him very well-liked.

Cato made an appearance in the 2018 third season and then left the show.

His departure came as a shock to the audience, and they raised many questions about it.

Iron Resurrection’s producers later informed the audience that Phil Cato had left the show because it was no longer possible for him to be in the shoot of the show in Texas as he had to go to Atlanta to support his wife’s career.

iii. Shorty

Image of Shorty, a former cast member of Iron Resurrection

Javier Ponce, known as Shorty, was a respected team member of “Iron Resurrection.”

He had been quite well-known on the program for being a fantastic painter in “Martin Bros. Customs.”

However, the actor departed the program and didn’t show up in the fourth season, leaving many viewers perplexed and wondering what had truly happened to him.

The producers of Iron Resurrection later explained that Shorty had to leave the show because he wanted to focus on his family and business.

Shorty too explained it by publishing a video on Facebook. By his statement at the end of the video, it can be said that the possibility of his return still exists, though not certain.

Is Iron Resurrection Canceled?

No, Iron Resurrection hasn’t been canceled. The series aired its 6th season in 2022.

The 7th season of the series is set to premiere at the end of 2023 on MotorTrend. The name of the first episode of the sixth season is ‘Bel Air Big Block and Street Legal Restomod.’

The episode runtime will be approximately 1 hour.

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