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Joe Zolper is a popular TV show host and the lead mechanic of the Discovery/Velocity Network’s reality TV series Garage Squad’. He is an automobile enthusiast who also owns a company that transforms automobiles as per customer preferences, known as ‘Prison City Choppers’.

Joe Zolper Wikipedia

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Joe Zolper was born on 4 July 1977 in Joliet, Illinois, USA, in a family of mechanics. Generations of his family, including his father, grandfather, and uncles, were in the mechanical field.

He learned the skills of a car mechanic through his father and brother, watching them work on different cars. This had inspired him at a very early age, and he had aimed to be a mechanic since he was in third grade of school.

Working on dirt bikes and cars with his father from an early age made him an expert in the task. Joe began working on any job he could find at the young age of 28 years.

When he was 23 years old, Joe put a lot of effort into starting his own business, Prison City Choppers, which rebuilds clients’ motorcycles and choppers in accordance with their requirements.

The company Prison City Choppers not only customizes bikes but any automotive.

Along with being the owner of Prison City Choppers, Joe also works in the popular television show ‘Garage Squad’ which was aired for the first time on 1st of August 2014.

This television program is about renovating wrecked useless cars and bringing them to a condition where they can run smoothly on the road. Zopler is the lead mechanic of the series which consists of 8 seasons.

Net Worth

Joe Zolper has been very private about his information, and there is no reliable source of his net worth. However, his net worth is estimated to be above 1 million dollars.

He receives a lot of money through his shows, being a television celebrity. But besides that, his company Prison City Choppers, also generates a handsome revenue. He also runs many racing events.

Joe Zolper Car Collection

Image of Joe Zolper's6 daytona
Joe Zolper’s 6 Daytona

An 82’ Honda Accord was the car that Joe began driving, when he was just 16 years old. Unfortunately, he wrecked the car a few days later.

Joe has a collection of custom-built cars, including the modified 6 Daytona. He also has a 68 GTX. His wife, Jennifer, also drives an alcoholic blown car.

Joe Zolper is Married to his wife Jennifer Zolper

Image of Joe Zolper with his wife, Jennifer Zolper
Joe Zolper with his wife, Jennifer Zolper

Joe Zopler is married to Jennifer Zopler, who had been his long-time girlfriend. Joe and Jennifer got married in 2000 and also have a daughter named Ruby.

Ruby also shares the interest of her parents and started her career in the field as a junior dragster in 2017. Joe’s wife, Jennifer is a race car driver professionally and is also a businesswoman.

Because of the shared interest in the family, the husband and wife, along with their daughter, have strong bonding. Jennifer too works on car modifications with her husband Joe.

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