Who is Bruno Massel’s Wife? Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Burno Massel is popularly known as the co-host of the famous Motortrend series Garage Squad’ by Discovery/Velocity Network. Except that he also hosts Truck-U and is also known as a sports reporter. Read this to learn about Bruno Massel’s wife, Dayna Purgatorio Massel and their love life

Burno had been involved for a long time in the entertainment business. He entered the field by first modeling for Ralph Lauren.

The reality TV show host, aged 48, is also a drag racing champion. He won the NHCA championships two times in 2009 and 2012, and has also won more than 37 other competitions.

The racer, reporter, actor, or TV host is also known for his good looks and charming personality.

Bruno Massel Wikipedia

Image of Bruno Massel

Burno Massel Jr. is an actor, TV reality show host, model, and drag racer, born on May 23, 1974, in Woodridge, Illinois, USA. He was born to Burno Massel Sr. and Roz C. Massel.

His father was a legendary drag racer who came to be known as the ‘The Gladiator’ because of the various racing records he made.

Burno Massel Sr. started his career in 1965 and had been a champion in competitions of all levels.

Growing up seeing these endeavors of his father, Burno Jr. was deeply influenced.

Burno completed his school in Elmhurst at York High School and did his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the University of Iowa in 1986.

He graduated with honors there. Burno Massel chose to study law after his graduation.

Though the decision changed after he met a renowned photographer and modeling agent- Bruce Weber.

Burno’s modeling career started from there. He was first selected as a model in the Ralph Lauren Underwear Campaign.

In his racing career, Burno Massel Jr. too came to be renowned, as he won several competitions as a drag racer.

He won two National Hot Rod Association (NHCA) championships in 2009 and 2012.

However, his popularity spiked mainly from the famous Motortrend show Garage Squad’, which is a popular TV reality show related to automotive.

In the show, Bruno, along with other co-hosts, restores the cars of general people that are not in a usable state and bring them back to a smooth operational condition. Bruno Massel also hosts Truck U, which is in its 14th season.

Bruno Massel Wife Dayna Purgatorio Massel

Image of Bruno Massel with his wife, Dayna Purgatorio Massel
Bruno Massel with his wife, Dayna Purgatorio Massel

Burno is married and has two sons with his wife, Dayna Purgatorio Massel, who was his longtime girlfriend. Before they decided to get married, Bruno and Dayna were dating for about 10 years.

Bruno Massel and his wife, Dayna Purgatorio, celebrate their anniversary each year on 28th December, whereas they celebrate the birthdays of their sons on May 5 and March 9.

Though Burno and Dayna’s dating relationship had its highs and lows, their marriage is seen to be very stable, and they are said to be very happily married.

Net Worth

Bruno Massel’s income comes from multiple sources, including racing, modeling, and from TV shows. However, he has kept the information about his net worth and all the properties very secretive.

Though it is estimated that his net worth is more than 6 million.

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