Mike (Michael) Cotten: Facts about Faster with Finnegan cast.

The first season of Faster with Finnegan premiered on January 15, 2020. The goal is to accelerate a car, as the title already makes clear. Along with Mike Cotten and David Newbern, Mike Finnegan believes it’s feasible to personalize automobiles and have fun on a budget. It is currently in its fourth season and is available to view on the motor trend.

As much as the show seems thrilling and fun, the cast of this show is more fun to know. After successively running their career in the automobile industry, they started this automotive reality series. Read below the top facts about the main cast of Faster with Finnegan.

Mike Cotten is the owner and builder of Midwest Images.

Mike Cotten is the owner and builder of MidWest Images. It is a paint and metal company which renovates cars. It is located at 217 E Hanover St, New Baden, IL 62265, United States.

He was co-hosting Faster with Finnegan for 3 Years.

He is one of the co-hosts of Faster with Finnegan since 2020. Cotten has done 24 episodes of Faster with Finnegan from 2020-2022.

Image of Mike Cotton

The other remarkable automotive series of Cotten are Holiday Hooptie Challenge III, Roadkill, and Shift Talkers. In the show Shift Talkers, he was one of the panelists. Additionally, the Holiday Hooptie Challenge is a series of holiday-themed driving challenges.

Mike Cotton is also a YouTuber

Mike Cotten has a YouTube channel named MidWest Images Paint & Metal which was started on 4 March 2012. He is not that regular on his channel. However, he posts about his daily vlogs with friends.

He co-hosts Faster with Finnegan with Mike Finnegan and David Newbern

Mike Finnegan is a well-known American automotive expert, writer, producer, designer, and YouTuber. Except for Faster with Finnegan, he is best known for presenting the famous Roadkill Garage, Hot Rod Garage.

David Newbern occasionally co-hosts the show too. Roadkill (2012), Supertruck (2016), and Shift Talkers(2020) are among David Newbern’s notable series. David has appeared in 24 episodes of Faster with Finnegan from 2020-2022.

They adopt a Roadkill lifestyle and immerse themselves in the philosophy, technology, and duct tape-ology required to quickly and cheaply create a greater racer.

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