Fuzz Townshend is Married to new wife Karen after Divorce from Cressida Townshend.

FuzzTownshend is a former musician and TV journalist by profession who have had a great career as well as a supportive family. The birthday of Fuzz Townshend is July 31, 1964.

This well-known individual was born in Birmingham, England, in the United Kingdom. Unlike other celebrities, Fuzz has a quiet sound and is happy with her wife, Cressida Townshend, along with their three kids. Find out more below about his wife and family.

Fuzz Townshend was Married to his wife, Cressida Townshend.

Many people still believe Fuzz is married to Cressida Townshend. But the truth is different. He was married to Cressida for over a decade but later decided to split. His ex-wife Cressida is a freelancer horse groomer, rider and clipper, according to her Facebook profile information.

With his ex-wife, Fuzz has two kids: a daughter, Honor Doro Townshend and a son Oscar Townshend.

 Fuzz Townshend is married to his new wife, Karen Townshend, since December 21, 2020.

Now Car S.OS. Cast Fuzz is married to a beautiful wife named Karen. On the occasion of their 2nd anniversary, he posted her picture with a sweet caption,

Two years married to this smasher!
Happy anniversary, darling! ❤️????????????
Image of Fuzz Townshend with his wife Keren Townshend

Although the Townshend couple isn’t too public with their love life, Fuzz does not shy away from appreciating his partner. On the 2023 women’s day, he posted another picture to show how much he love her. he wrote,

On International Women’s Day I’d like to lend support to all of our inspirational sisters out there in the righteous fight for equality.
I’d also like to give a shout out to my wife, Karen Townshend, who has endured unpleasant health and work issues over the past six months, but has shown her amazing character, total strength, and indomitable spirit throughout, despite everything thrown her way.
You are my inspiration ❤️Image of Karen Townshend with her kids
Fuzz and his wife Karen have two kids together. Their Oldest child is a son named Atticus, and their younger child is a daughter named Pixie.
Image of Fuzz Townshend kids

Fuzz Townshend Wiki Facts.

Name John Richard Keith Townshend
Other Name Fuzz Townshend
Birth Date 31 July 1964
Birth Place Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Age 59 years old
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Profession Drummer, Tv Presenter, Motoring journalist, and Mechanic
Marital Status Married
Spouse Cressida Townshend
Children Honour Townshend, Oscar Townshend, Johnny Townshend
Net Worth $5 million (USD)
Popular Works Car SOS


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