What happened to Roger Barr from Chasing Classic Cars? Death Rumor.

Chasing Classic Cars is a reality documentary series created by Clint Stinchcomb and hosted by F-40 Motorsports’ Wayne Carini. The show centers on discovering and restoring historic automobiles from various periods, with the possibility of rehabilitation and selling.

Being broadcasted by Motor Trend TV, Roger Barr is among the most important cast members of the show.

Roger Barr from Chasing Classic Cars

Roger Barr is a retired mechanic who rose to prominence after appearing on the famous reality documentary TV series “Chasing Classic Cars” which centers on discovering and restoring high-end vintage automobiles.

The show is created by Clint Stinchcomb and hosted by Wayne Carini of F-40 Motorsports and airs on Motor Trend TV.

The 87 years old is a native of Glastonbury, Connecticut, and a former mechanic from the United States Air Force. He’s also a versatile guy, having worked in several fields in the past.

Image of Roger Barr

On the show, Roger Barr is an expert mechanic who deals exclusively with the 1960s and 1970s racing vehicles, and he can repair almost everything he encounters.

He was a crucial factor in the program, and audiences adored him for his enthusiasm and devotion to his profession.

Death Rumor

Roger’s absence from “Chasing Classic Cars” fueled multiple theories among the viewers, with some even assuming that the media darling had actually died. So, for your information, Roger Barr is ALIVE and going strong.

Nevertheless, the TV star contracted a leg infection during his work at F40 Motorsports and was hospitalized in August 2017. Fortunately, he recovered and resumed his work on the show.

However, Roger’s health deteriorated as a consequence of the infection, requiring him to reduce his time at the store.

He kept working at the store upon his discharge from the hospital, albeit only a 4-hour shift which is his half-work day, on extremely hot days since there was no air-cooling in the garage.

But his condition got worse had to get knee surgery shortly after. In 2020, Barr left the program, and apparently, he received no compensation for his contributions to the program.

His pals, therefore, created a GoFundMe campaign to cover part of his medical expenses, which raised approximately $30,000. His surgery was also a success.

Roger Barr Quick Facts

Name Roger Barr
Birthdate 15th February 1936.
Birthplace Glastonbury, Connecticut
Profession Retired air force and motorsports car Mechanic, TV personality
Nationality American
Spouse Sally Barr
Children N/A
Net Worth $1.3 million
Alma mater N/A

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