Will Lockwood Leaves Kindig IT Design. What Happened?

Will Lockwood is an engineer and automobile fabricator based in Dave Kindig’s famous automobile shop, Kindig-It Designs. While working in the shop for over a decade, people mainly recognize him from his appearance on Motor Trend Network’s car restoration reality showBitchin’ Rides.”

Likewise, before joining the automobile world of Kindit-It Designs, Will served in the American army for some years. Now, with the end of Bitchin’ Rides Season 9 in January 2023, the show viewers are curious about the rumor surrounding Will leaving Kindig-It Designs. Did Will leave the shop for real, or is it one of the hoaxes?

Now, read until the end to find out about Will Lockwood and the rumors.

Will Lockwood’s Work with Kindig-IT Design: When Did He Join?

Will Lockwood, also known as William Jennings Lockwood, became a part of Kindig Designs in 2003. He grew up in Layton, Utah, where his love for automobiles began.

Growing up, he spent a lot of time playing with RC cars and hot rod magazines. This passion for automobiles led him to take vocational classes in auto body and mechanics while in high school at Layton High School.

After finishing high school, Will joined the U.S. Army and worked as a tank hull mechanic. According to his bio on Kindif-It Designs’ website, he later joined HPC in 1992, where he met Dave Kindig.

When Dave established Kindig-It Design, he invited Will to join as an engineer and fabricator, which he did a couple of years later. Since then, Will has been a constant support to Dave and his team.

Hence, at Kindig-It Designs, Will is mainly responsible for bringing imaginary automobile designs to life.

Did Lockwood Leave Kindig Design? What happened?

No, Will Lockwood has not left Kindig-It Design. There have been rumors about Will leaving the shop, and we are unsure what conspired with it.

Image of Will Lockwood

But the reality is that he has been a crucial part of the shop since 2003, where he serves as its engineer and fabricator.

What is Will Lockwood Doing Now?

Currently, Will just wrapped up Season 9 of Bitchin’ Rides. And, until Season 10, we may find the fabricator working on Kindit-It Design’s other projects.

Apart from that, he may also have some personal projects. In his latest Instagram post, the fabricator is seen working on his little red truck.

His Salary and Net Worth

The exact details of Will Lockwood’s earnings are not publicly disclosed. However, according to reports, the average salary of an automotive fabricator in the United States is $54,423 per year. But, as Will has been serving as a fabricator, engineer, and builder at Kindig-It designs, we assume his salary is much higher than the average.

Regarding Lockwood’s net worth, it must be in the millions, considering his massive earnings from working on Kindig-It Design and his appearance on the TV show Bitchin’ Rides.

Will Lockwood’s Wife and Kids

Lockwood and his wife, Sherri Lockwood, have been happily married for the past 28 years. Despite being a reputed vehicle engineer and TV star, he maintains a lowkey life, making it unclear when and how the couple initially crossed paths.

However, according to Will’s Facebook bio, he married on 7th October 1994. Similarly, the couple shares a daughter, Neisha Brynn Lockwood. The Lockwood family calls Ogden, Utah, their cherished home.

Together, Will and Sherri are the proud parents of a daughter named Neisha Brynn Lockwood, who seems to be an art enthusiast. While Will and Sherri may have more children, information on this subject remains to be available.

Quick Facts

Name William Jennings Lockwood
Age Mid-50s
Education Layton High School/ University of Phoenix-Utah Campus
Profession Engineer, Fabricator, Builder, and TV Star
Relationship Status Married
Wife Sherri Lockwood
Children Neisha Brynn Lockwood


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