What happened to Roger Barr from Chasing Classic Cars? Death Rumor.

Image of Roger Barr

Chasing Classic Cars is a reality documentary series created by Clint Stinchcomb and hosted by F-40 Motorsports’ Wayne Carini. The show centers on discovering and restoring historic automobiles from various periods, with the possibility of rehabilitation and selling. Being broadcasted by Motor Trend TV, Roger Barr is among the most important cast members of the … Read more

Will Lockwood Leaves Kindig IT Design. What Happened?

Image of Will Lockwood

Will Lockwood is an engineer and automobile fabricator based in Dave Kindig’s famous automobile shop, Kindig-It Designs. While working in the shop for over a decade, people mainly recognize him from his appearance on Motor Trend Network’s car restoration reality show “Bitchin’ Rides.” Likewise, before joining the automobile world of Kindit-It Designs, Will served in … Read more

 Kevin Schiele Wikipedia: Wife, Net Worth, Salary

Image of Kevin Schiele with his wife Melanie and Dave Kindig

Kevin Schiele, sometimes known as KevDogg, is a well-known reality program host and an expert in automobiles. We can see him presenting shows like “Bitchin’ Rides” and “Bitchin’ Bootcamp” on Motor Trend and Velocity network. This is Kevin Schiele Wikipedia Biography that reveals about his wife and net worth, Aside from his on-screen work, Kevin … Read more

Why did Bryce Green Leave Kindig-It Design?

Bryce Green is a car enthusiast and entrepreneur based in the United States. With a passion for Mustangs at a young age, he dedicated his life to restoring and modifying vintage cars. Mostly recognized for his work on Kindig-It Design, Bryce is now the founder of 2 automotive companies specializing in car restoration, modification, and … Read more

Who is Marcos on Texas Metal?

Image of Marcos Chaves on the show Texas Metal

Premiered on 7th November 2017, “Texas Metal” is an American reality show by Discovery, aired on the MotorTrend channel. The show highlights the Ekstensive Metal Works making amazing modifications out of any four-wheelers. In its 4th season, Marcos Chavez, the co-founder of Texas A&M Concrete Contractor, was featured. Who is Marcos Chavez? Marcos Chavez is … Read more